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Page added on April 29, 2012

44 year-old man arrested for sexually assaulting six year-old

A 44 year-old man was arrested on Friday after he was accused of sexually abusing a six year-old kid on the island of Hinnavaru in Lhaviyani Atoll, police said.

Police said the man was arrested with a court warrant on Friday afternoon at about 3:25pm.

Hinnavaru Police and Police Family and the Child Protection Unit are conducting a joint investigation into the case.

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5 Comments on "44 year-old man arrested for sexually assaulting six year-old"

  1. adhaalath on Sun, 29th Apr 2012 7:39 PM 

    He should have married her and waited till she was nine. That’s the proper way.

  2. Nova on Mon, 30th Apr 2012 3:15 AM 

    Wary be those who mock and jest with Islam

  3. Pony on Mon, 30th Apr 2012 5:01 AM 

    have you done it? i wonder wht u have done if a woman of that age done certain things with you.

  4. Ahmed shaheem on Mon, 30th Apr 2012 12:52 PM 

    Mr Shaheem. I am sure you will hide like an ostrich here. This one plagues muslim community always.

    I am you will ask, ‘So what?, that following prophet..’

  5. Defunct Dhaoni on Mon, 30th Apr 2012 9:26 PM 

    I say all Pedophiles should be castrated and their marbles chucked into the sea…eh!

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