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Page added on April 30, 2012

High Court upholds order to reinstate policeman accused of sexual assault

The High Court on Monday upheld a Civil Court verdict to reinstate the job to a policeman who had been accused of sexual assault, reports Haveeru.

Husham Hameed and three other police officers stand accused of undressing and sexually assaulting a woman after they forced her into a police car in August 2010.

However, the High Court bench unanimously ruled that Husham could not be dismissed from his job unless he was proven guilty of a criminal act.

Husham had previously held the title of ‘Mr. Maldives’, Haveeru reports.

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2 Comments on "High Court upholds order to reinstate policeman accused of sexual assault"

  1. Ahmed shaheem on Tue, 1st May 2012 9:06 AM 

    Mr Maldives a Rapist?

    That defines the psyche of most Maldivians very well.

    Thank you.

  2. Dhivehi Hanguraama on Tue, 1st May 2012 10:12 AM 

    Behold the inevitable outcome of wanton harlotry and immodest dress. The wolf does not attack a horse safe in its stable, nor a man assault a woman that is safe in her house and niqhuab; and is obedient of her husbands’ wishes and dutiful towards his children.

    The pious only need fear God and temptation. Alhamdulillaah!

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  • Another 360?: So the advocacy NGO’s, the ICJ now has LEGITIMACY to dictate terms to sovereign states. Who elected them and to who are you accountable to .. none....
  • Don Pedro: Mahloof is 100% traitor and dirty political rat.
  • ami: what right do they have? we are totally against the foreign workers protest… Let them carry their complaints to the concerned embassies
  • MissIndia NewDelhi: Maldivians should learn to do their own dirty work. Even you low IQ people should be able to make coffee, cook meals, look after children, do...


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