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Page added on May 28, 2012

HRCM’s report on Judge Abdulla case sent to PG

The Human Rights Commission of Maldives’ (HRCM) report into the detention of Chief Justice Abdulla Mohamed has been completed and forwarded to the Prosecutor General’s (PG) Office, Sun Online has reported.

“We received the report from HRCM after office hours yesterday. We are assessing the report now. We have requested them to send the statements and evidence in relation to this case,” an official at the PG’s official told Sun.

HRCM member Ahmed Abdul Kareem told Sun the decision on whether to disclose the report to the media had not yet been made.

The PG will now decide on how to proceed with the charges against former President Mohamed Nasheed in relation his role in detaining judge for 22 days at the Maldives National Defence Force’s (MNDF) training centre at Girifushi.

Judge Abdulla was arrested by the MNDF on January 16 this year, in compliance with a police request. The judge’s whereabouts were not revealed until January 18. He was released the day the presidency changed hands.

The charges against Nasheed state that the Judges detention were in violation of the constitution.

Former President Nasheed gave his testimony to the HRCM in March, saying: “The Home Minister wrote to the Defense Minister that Abdulla Mohamed’s presence in the courts was a threat to national security. And to take necessary steps. And that step, the isolation of Abdulla Mohamed, was what the [Defense] Ministry deemed necessary.”

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3 Comments on "HRCM’s report on Judge Abdulla case sent to PG"

  1. Fulham on Mon, 28th May 2012 5:37 PM 

    “a threat to national security” how did he justify that. He did the blunder under Mariya’s instruction, he should fully responsible, No one above the law…….

  2. Ismail Nazim on Mon, 28th May 2012 5:39 PM 

    Should Judge be arrested?
    Yes, No, what ever.

    Why are we so concerned about this stupid Judge, when the kids who have been murdered in broad day light, do not even get a 5 minute hearing in these courts?

    Has ANY murder been solved, convicted? God knows we have more than our share of killings…

  3. ToxicT on Mon, 28th May 2012 9:42 PM 

    Justice will not be done in a kangaroo court. But one should always try, even if it is to keep up appearances. Cynical? Who?

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