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Page added on February 21, 2013

International Federation of Journalists condemns attack on Maldivian cameraman

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has condemned an attack on a Villa Television (VTV) cameraman while he was reportedly covering a Maldivian Democratic Party protest.

The Maldives Journalist Association (MJA), an affiliate of the IFJ, highlighted that attacks on journalists are becoming common during political rallies in the Maldives.

Due to the attack on VTV cameraman Rilwan Moosa, the MJA has called on the Maldives Media Council to initiate steps to ensure a safe environment for reporting public events.

The IFJ, who represent over 600,000 journalists in 131 countries, has expressed the need for greater safety for journalists amid the political tension in the Maldives.

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  • ali rasheed: Perhaps those in the judiciary has not heard of the term ‘summary execution of justice.’ It is absurd to tie this proposed practice to Islamic...
  • John Seyfert: This is beyond belief in the civilized world. Place this to a vote of the Maldives people rather than another imposed hypocrisy on the fear already...
  • cabs: Mantra means memorising and blurting out verses and is not related with religion,guess kashim need to return to school to learn English
  • cabs: Chinese tourists arrival,may be destroying the buddha relics in the museum by the likes of kashim types is best manner to welcome Chinese tourists.Most Chinese...
  • cabs: Nonsense from an illiterate extremist kashim,if you hate the west so much don’t use their inventions why are you here using infidels inventions...
  • Maldivian: @Hero: Unlike you, I have no need for worldly wealth. Don’t try to feel better about your own vices by canvassing it on others. Shouldnt you be off in...
  • Maldivian: @Fishy: It’s very simple. The state is safeguarding the killers – and yes, most ‘jihadis’ are criminals who have committed crimes...
  • Her: I’d like to explain what my little brother over there said. See, in Maldives, anyone who does not bow to the occupational regime’s tyranny is...


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