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Page added on October 2, 2011

Maamigili MP opens first private airport with personal airline Flyme

The Maldives’ first private airport opened today in Alif Dhaal atoll Maamigili with Maamigili MP Gasim Ibrahim’s own ‘Flyme’ airline beginning operations from Male.

The first commercial ‘Flyme’ flight left Male this morning with 16 tourists, Gasim, his family, and senior Villa officials on board, Haveeru reports. The airline has two aircraft with a capacity of 46 passengers each.

Maldives Association of Tourism Industries (MATI) is said to have provided support for the airport’s construction. Gasim said the airport includes private jet parking, and there are plans to use more aircraft to service Gaaf Dhaal atoll Kaadehdhoo and Seenu atoll Gan.

CEO of Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, Andrew Harrison, has expressed support for the airline.

Flyme airlines scheduled 10 flights for its opening day, however it did not disclose ticket prices.

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  • the Gov: Refreshing to have a proactive and forward thinking Governor Its such a contrast from previous one embroiled in controversy.
  • yaamyn: Kudos to the HRCM for a factual report. It is now almost certain that regressive elements in the state and judiciary and police service will react, and target...
  • A Maldivian: Banning shark fishing in this country has surely been good for the Tourism Industry. However, a fact is the many people who go out fishing for their...
  • MissIndia NewDelhi: It’s the ant threatening the elephant. Bloody hilarious!! Do us cow worshippers a favour and: Don’t buy Indian food products...
  • Ravin Loony: Does India know that Maldives has imposed economic sanctions on them.
  • Ravin Loony: ban export of shark products.
  • Ravin Loony: what would the loan sharks come up with next.
  • habibib: India and allies and ofcourse, the leach GMR; can’t just bear this relationship happening because Indian Embassy’s efforts of robbing Ibrahim Nasir...


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