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Page added on September 20, 2012

MDP Chair would quit party over its excessive “restraint”

Chairman of the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) ‘Reeko’ Moosa Manik has told local media that  he would consider quitting the party should it continue to take a “passive” approach to political opponents in the future.

He alleged that a previous strategy of “restraint” and “caring” has been qualities that had led political opponents to oust former President Mohamed Nasheed.

Local newspaper Haveeru has reported that Moosa, speaking to private broadcaster Raajje TV, claimed that while the MDP’s focus on “restraint” and “caring” had been an important focus whilst in government, it had not ultimately led to a “positive outcome” for the party.

He contended that, even in cases where religious scholars such as Sheikh Ilyas Hussan had “called for our heads”, the former government had shown restraint.

“But if we treated them strictly, maybe the outcome would have turned out differently,” he was quoted as saying.

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4 Comments on "MDP Chair would quit party over its excessive “restraint”"

  1. Abdulla Zayyid on Thu, 20th Sep 2012 9:42 PM 

    Yeah. You guys should have rammed a truck filled with explosives into the crowd, detonated it, and machine-gunned the survivors down on the 23rd of december.

    Along with the mutinying police and MNDF.

    What, that’s not brutal at all! Completely excusable, because it was done in a state of jazzbath!.

  2. Moosa on Thu, 20th Sep 2012 10:57 PM 

    Reeko Moosa is such a big hypocrite!

  3. Abdulla Zayyid on Fri, 21st Sep 2012 1:42 AM 


    You call him a hypocrite. But after you’ve been stabbed, mauled and almost murdered by a pack of steroid-abusing thugs, even YOU would call for violence.

  4. MDP on Fri, 21st Sep 2012 7:52 PM 

    why should MDP have this polishing media wing to make Anni a and should MDP be all about Anni?

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