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Page added on March 20, 2013

MDP MPs elected for Parliamentary Group positions

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) Parliamentary Group (PG) Leader MP Ibrahim Mohamed Solih ‘Ibu’ has been re-elected as PG leader.

Local media reported that MP Ali Waheed and MP Abdullah Jabir have both been elected as the party’s PG Deputy Leaders, after they received 25 votes and 13 votes respectively.

Solih – who was the only contestant for the PG Leader election – was re-elected with 25 votes in favour out of a total of 28.

MDP Spokesperson Hamid Abdul Ghafoor was elected as PG Secretary General and MP Eva Abdullah, MP Mohamed Shifaz and MP IIyas Labeeb were elected as PG Whips.

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  • Lubna Ali: 11 kids were allowed to escape in another police launch. They were all positive for drugs. Selective justice.
  • Andrew Andreas: @mohamed I know you are too afraid to venture there, but for one fleeting second, can you take the step, use your brain and ask yourself, “what...
  • Andrew Andreas: @damn, Ali You both clearly are educated. The country needs you to be on the same page to drag it out of the s**t hole we have fallen into. Or else,...
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  • A M S I: why is that when it comes down to anything similar or relative to a stature like this people only blame the police and the judiciary and in the end the...
  • Open minded person: Well, I think its our own freedom to do what ever we feel like doing. So what if we partied all night. :S We isolated our selves so that the public...
  • Maves: I find it disturbing, that nobody is bothered with the ‘drugs’ part. I am sure they could have had fun without the drugs too.


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