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Page added on October 21, 2010

MP Moosa Manik files torture complaint against former President Gayoom

MP Moosa Manik, parliamentary group leader of ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), has filed a complaint against former President Maumoom Abdul Gayoom alleging mental and physical torture, reports Miadhu.

Manik’s complaint lodged at the Maldives Police Service, also claims that the former regime of Gayoom oppressed him financially.

According to the Miadhu report, Manik alleges that he was falsely imprisoned and tortured physically and mentally under the direct order of Gayoom in 1982.

False allegations, he told Miadhu, were made against him of assisting his brother Ibrahim Manik in a rebellion against Gayoom.

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One Comment on "MP Moosa Manik files torture complaint against former President Gayoom"

  1. Ali on Thu, 21st Oct 2010 3:50 PM 

    Yeah, go for it dog. And while you are at it, start barking at the rest of the family as well.

    This is going to be yet another two-headed cow ride, we will be entertained by these utterly ignorant and stupid MP’s.

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