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Page added on November 29, 2011

President confers national awards of honour, recognition

President Mohamed Nasheed conferred national awards of honour and recognition at a special function at Dharubaaruge on Sunday night.

Recipients of this year’s awards of honour were given a shield of honour, a badge of honour and commemorative plaques while winners of recognition awards received certificates and commemorative plaques.

The two individuals who received the honour award were Mohamed Yousuf for his contribution to education and Mohamed Ismail Fulhu for his contribution to raising health awareness.

Recipients of the national award of recognition were MP ‘Colonel’ Mohamed Nasheed in the area of Dhivehi literature (oratory skills); Ahmed Anwar in the area of education; Ali Rasheed in the area of health (traditional medicine); Husnu Su’ood in the area of legal service; Prof. Hassan Uqail in the area of innovation; Mohamed Ali Fulhu in the area of arts and crafts (boat building); Abdul Haris Haaroon in the area of arts and crafts (boat building); Abdul Rahman Moosa in the area of arts and crafts (lacquer work); Abdul Hameed Abdul Ghafoor in the area of sports; Abdulla Amir in the area of sports; Rafiath Rameeza in the area of performing arts (singing); Niuma Mohamed in the area of performing arts (feature film and drama acting); Jadulla Ismail in the area of applied arts (fashion designing); and Prop Pvt. Ltd. in the area of construction.

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