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Page added on June 2, 2012

President forwards twelve name CIC nominees list to Majlis

President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan has submitted a list of 12 nominees for approval by the People’s Majlis to serve on the Customs Integrity Commission (CIC).

Under the Maldives Customs Act, five members are required to be appointed by the president to the CIC. A deadline for applications for the posts expired on May 29, 2011.

The President’s Office released the list of 12 nominees on Thursday.

The list of nominees are:

Ahmed Shakir,

Wizad Ali,

Abdulla Shinah,

Ahmed Ali Maniku,

Abdul Raheem Abdul Rahman,

Aishath Shiuna,

Jihadha Anees,

Fareesha Adam,

Mohamed Shareef,

Abdulla Nisam,

Yoosuf Maniu Mohamed,

Fathimath Shamweela,

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