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Page added on April 17, 2012

President Waheed addresses MNDF training graduates

President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan has addressed graduates of the Maldives National Defense Force’s (MNDF) 56th basic training course, calling for their continued support in protecting the sovereignty and independence of the nation.

Speaking to graduates of the course, which was conducted by the Defence Institute for Training, the president called on MNDF officers to continue demonstrating a high sense of integrity and moral character personally and professionally.

In addressing the professional aspects of the MNDF’s work, Dr Waheed said that it was vital the country’s defence forces remained steadfast in their core values of Islamic principles, selfless service and maintaining the rule of law.

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  • Maldivian: They beat our elected representatives and invaded our country, so we set their homes on fire. They should realize the consequences before attacking unarmed...
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  • Logal Sumaari kaleyge: As of may this month GMR stock prices was better than when they were contracted. Would this hold in court. I don’t know. Except for future...


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