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Page added on June 30, 2010

Race for Dengue vaccine intensifies as virus hits US for first time in 65 years

US drug companies are working hard to develop a vaccine for Dengue fever, which is endemic in Maldives. Sanofi Pasteur Inc. predicts the market for a vaccine is worth up to US$1 billion per year. Dengue has now re-emerged in Florida where 28 people have been diagnosed with the disease.

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  • --: most of these comments are from non maldivians.they dont understand that on every road they are the root cause of garbage. i have never seen maldivians spit at...
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  • jabirthehutt: Poor creature. Have they put down that giant crocodile in the children’s park yet? Kinboo has been in solitary confinement for years, in a cage...
  • jabirthehutt: Oh Jabir…
  • jabirthehutt: Such a shame. Young Maldivians want to party and have a good time, like many other young people around the world do. To do so, they go to an uninhabited...
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  • Yo: @Damn……bla bla bla It’s always the fault of the “West”. F*cking idiot. I bet you’ve never been to an European country or the US...
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