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Page added on April 2, 2012

Thieves makes hole in roof to enter shop, steal Rf 20,000

Last night thieves have entered ‘Sales Zone’ shop in Maafannu ward, after cutting of the roof and stolen Rf20,000 (US$1300) worth products from the shop.

Police have confirmed the incident in a statement today and have said police was informed about the case at 7:50am this morning.

Police have not disclosed further information of the case.

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  • nissam: miss India new Delhi should control the language used more mature when u talk
  • MissIndia NewDelhi: This is another way to exploit foreign workers, along with confiscation of passports and willy nilly amendments to employment contracts. I suggest...
  • Hero: This case was lodged during GMR time and this is why we kick the GMR out
  • Kashim: Salafi is the only Islam – the islam as practiced by the most favor Muslims. Those who are not Salafi are Munafiq.
  • Kashim: @tsk tsk You are Munafiq. Who are the absolute rulers in the world.. it is those in power at Washington or Israel that cannot be question and true dictator in...
  • Trennung: No offense to the many great Maldivian people who live here, but your government is a joke. Who could ever think this is a good decision?
  • Kashim: Truly media and family prostrate this case. Allow Maldives police to do there job and don’t interfered with foreign influence! Amnesty is paid from...
  • Kashim: This is good and with Islamic principle, in Sharia there must be no Gharar of uncertainty in a contract. If foreign worker come they sign a contract for time...


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