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Page added on July 11, 2012

Majlis Committee asks CSC Chair to resign within 14 days for alleged sexual harassment

Majlis Committee asks CSC Chair to resign within 14 days for alleged sexual harassment thumbnail

The Independent Institutions Oversight Committee of the People’s Majlis has asked Civil Service Commission (CSC) President Mohamed Fahmy Hassan to resign within 14 days for alleged sexual harassment, local media has reported.

The police and the Independent Institutions Oversight Committee launched an investigation into the sexual harassment allegations against Fahmy in June after a female senior research officer lodged complaints with the two institutions.

MPs, who wished to remain anonymous, told Haveeru and Sun Online that a majority of the eleven member Independent Institutions Oversight Committee found Fahmy guilty of sexual harassment after summoning and interviewing Fahmy, the victim and several female employees of the CSC.

A vote on a motion urging action against Fahmy was split when five members voted for and against the motion, local media has reported. Chair of the Independent Institutions Oversight Committee Mohamed Nasheed cast the deciding vote, passing the motion to order Fahmy’s resignation within 14 days.

A source, who had knowledge of the committee sitting, confirmed the local media reports to Minivan News, but declined to comment further.

Fahmy and several members of the Independent Institutions Oversight Committee were not responding to calls at the time of press.

Haveeru previously reported that the alleged harassment occurred on May 29. Both Fahmy and the victim were summoned to the committee after a complaint was lodged in the first week of June,the report claimed.

Fahmy was alleged to have called the female staff member over to him, taken her hand and asked her to stand in front of him so that others in the office could not see, and caressed her stomach saying “It won’t do for a beautiful single woman like you to get fat.”

The alleged victim’s family reportedly called Fahmy about the incident, after which it is claimed he sent a text message apologising for the incident.  Reports at the time alleged the read, “I work very closely with everyone. But I have learned my lesson this time.”

In response to the allegations, Fahmy told Minivan News last month that he believed the female staff member made up the complaint upon finding out she had not won a Singapore government offered scholarship to the CSC.

He alleged the claim was politically motivated, arguing the woman would have otherwise filed the case with the police instead of parliament.

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19 Comments on "Majlis Committee asks CSC Chair to resign within 14 days for alleged sexual harassment"

  1. Haruna Usman on Wed, 11th Jul 2012 5:57 PM 

    My advice to all women to dress proper.

  2. Knight on Wed, 11th Jul 2012 8:02 PM 

    Even If she was wearing a bra and bikini he don’t have to touch her like that and try to sexually abuse her. But it is advicible to dress modestly. Should do everything not to provoke such sexual predators. Always try to keep some distance and boundaries which no body should enter without your permission. Never ever try to flirt such a retard even jokingly. Should not talk to such man too welcomely . For example talking such a man always with a smile on your face. He may take a wrong message from it. This doesn’t mean you have to be always rigid. If he touch your body intently show your displeasure otherwise the next step he take will be more serious. If you are sexually abused never ever try to hide it report to the relevent authorities and share it with family and best friends. Otherwise the wounds will not be heal.
    I hope fahmy case will be a lesson for such a voracious sexual predators.

  3. lookingin on Wed, 11th Jul 2012 8:08 PM 

    Haruna you are blaming this on the woman? My advice is rapists keep it in their pants. Nice 8th century mentality though..

  4. Junaidh on Wed, 11th Jul 2012 8:56 PM 

    Haruna Usman, yes that will minimize the vahushee hormone by 65%

  5. tsk tsk on Wed, 11th Jul 2012 9:38 PM 

    Sexual harassment should not be condoned in public officials. Especially those in senior positions.

    However forcing an appointed official to resign based solely on allegations does not set a good precedent. It invites politically-motivated false claims against elected officials in the future.

    I have no evidence to say this is such an attempt and the complainant in this case might even be justified. However I strongly believe that the right way to do this would be to suspend the Chair of the Civil Service Commission, refer the matter to police, carry out a criminal prosecution and allow the Chair to return if acquitted or impeach him through the process set in the constitution if found guilty.

  6. Nazim on Wed, 11th Jul 2012 9:56 PM 

    Bravo! Some good news for a change.

  7. Noor on Wed, 11th Jul 2012 10:08 PM 

    LOL… when you are working in to dangerous animal, you take precaution to be sure that you don’t get preyed. In Banana republic all men are filthy and the only way women can protect themselves is to cage them in cloths

  8. ismail on Thu, 12th Jul 2012 12:01 AM 

    did the members vote according to their party line. If so justice has not been served.
    it then becomes politicking.

  9. Mohm on Thu, 12th Jul 2012 2:02 AM 

    “advice women dress proper” – guess u mean ‘properly’ ?
    Insane thinking, backward fundo reasoning of frustrated “men” LOL who phantasise and get excited when they see any nude body part of a woman (or a guy, of course :-)) .
    How do YOU feel as such backward guys look like and talk like that on YOUR mother, sisters, KIDS ???
    Are we that backward in our religion and society that we only can watch Bollywood movies – on MBC, TVM, VTV, DhiTV – for that purposes ?
    Go on with your thinking and stay out of mine !

  10. Mead on Thu, 12th Jul 2012 4:33 AM 

    In cases like this, even if the man had broken into a locked kitchen where the woman is covered in a Hijab people would say that she was asking for it because who knows her hemline did not cover her ankles and that is enough reason to entice a man? Get a life people, no woman asks to be harassed, Singapore scholarship or not,. Maybe men should not tuck their shirts in, we may be guessing sizes and dismissing you all too easily….

  11. Dhivehi Gaumu on Thu, 12th Jul 2012 8:09 AM 

    The grand pope of Salaf Jamiyaa, Sheik Ali Rameez bin Dustbin tells tsunami and earthquakes will come if you don’t wear hijab

  12. ali beyya on Thu, 12th Jul 2012 10:16 AM 

    Majlis produced a positive result ion asking the resignation of Fahmy for according to reports, the allegations are quite plausible.

    The move sends a strong message to everyone that sexual harassment will not be tolerated in the work environment or anywhere else.

  13. Ahmed on Thu, 12th Jul 2012 12:28 PM 

    This person has been reported to have been engaged in similar incidents in the past. Apart from his rape failed rape attack, I find him unfit to be heading the CSC in terms of achievement and leadership. He should resign even if not for the sexual harassment. Shame on him!

  14. Shake Ali Rameez on Thu, 12th Jul 2012 12:59 PM 

    @Dhivehi Gaumu

    Evetryone past teenage have seen the
    self claimed sheik Ali Rameez with long hair and his FREEZE BAND dancing in resorts like mad. Infact he is one man who spoiled a generaion with bad copy music.

    Now he is doing the same thing with Islam.

  15. LOL on Thu, 12th Jul 2012 3:08 PM 

    Maldivians believe that seeing tourist forced to dress from shoulders to knees that they see how these Europeans or Westerners are dressing up in everyday life! Hell No! For instance go to Europe in summer and you will see all naked ladies everywhere! but they are naked only in muslims eyes ! SO SO SO STUPID that is when you call aloud that you are naked!

  16. LOL on Thu, 12th Jul 2012 3:12 PM 

    and they never rape or abuse 90% of the population as all of em are walking naked on the streets..(IN YOUR EYES THEY ARE NAKED) LOL!!

  17. ask on Thu, 12th Jul 2012 7:50 PM 

    Even if she was naked, rape cannot be justified. it is not her asking for it!! It’s as simple as that! :)

    Well said @lookingin, men should keep it in their pants.

  18. Murrath on Sat, 14th Jul 2012 5:10 AM 

    It is interesting to see the Independent Commissions Committee has taken this matter of sexual harassment seriously. I want to share another similar, perhaps more weird experience. I used to work at the Human Rights Commission of Maldives and I can tell you that one Member of the Commission took me to his room and claiming that he is well-trained in palmistry, held and fondled my hand in the most inappropriate manner. I also know that he did this same thing to many other staff in the commission. He also brings to office some implements of his soothsaying trade, including books on palmistry and a pendulum set (really advanced technology on clairvoyance) and use them on innocent staff. I know this person’s acts amount to sexual harassment by all definitions and more so a clear violation of his privileged position. We never know what other secrets he hides in his closet. I know that many staff who experienced this harassment has quietly left the Commission and nobody has the guts to take appropriate action against this particular member, because he was so well-connected and well-known to all Majlis members thanks to his previous job. It is time Maldives society and journalists investigate and bring these ‘little secrets’ to the open and expose this incompetent leeches.

  19. Kaza on Wed, 18th Jul 2012 5:05 AM 

    Fahmy is a PPM strong man. Therefore, it would be a shame if parliament members who are in alliance with PPM in this government decide to sacrifice ethics, decency in support of their party loyalist.

    If parliament decide to keep Fahmy, then what it means is that sexual harassment is acceptable if it was done by their loyalists.

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