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Page added on December 13, 2009

Minivan News launches Dhivehi edition

Minivan News yesterday launched a Dhivehi version of its highly-regarded independent English language news website for the Maldives.

The Dhivehi edition will regularly feature stories, letters and opinion pieces selected from the English site for their interest to our Dhivehi readers. Dhivehi fonts can be downloaded here.

The Dhivehi edition is the latest in a series of expansions to the Minivan News website, which have included a well-received comments section and greater capacity for photos and images.

To alternate between the Dhivehi site and the English edition, click the link at the top left of the page.

As part of our rapid expansion we have also launched a journalist recruitment program, and are keen to hear from both Dhivehi speakers with experience in journalism and potential trainees who would like to pursue a career in reporting. Click here for further information

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2 Comments on "Minivan News launches Dhivehi edition"

  1. engr. abdul gafur on Fri, 17th Feb 2012 6:32 PM 

    i read the paper regularly. it,s nice. i shall be glad if all sectors are published,like agriculture, forestry, fishing, tourism, administrative units. social culture. vintage wisdom, holistic living, mysticism, ask the expert, spiritual destination, environment like times of india.and some topics on religion. thnx editor.

  2. Mohamed Shareef on Sun, 9th Sep 2012 8:12 PM 

    Minivan news please

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