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Page added on January 1, 2012

Parliament committee votes to register PPM as a party in parliament

Parliament committee votes to register PPM as a party in parliament thumbnail

Parliament’s General Committee has voted to include Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) on the parliament’s political party list, following discussions of it not being registered as a party in the parliament.

Secretary General Ahmed Mohamed has confirmed the decision of the General Committee to the local media and said the issue will be presented to the parliament for a vote when sessions resume in March.

Last Thursday, PPM MP for Fonadhoo constituency Abdulraheem Abdulla said he was going to resign over the registration issue.

PPM MPs are currently recognized by parliament as independent, according to an article in the parliamentary rules of procedure which states that only parties that competed in the May 2009 parliamentary election can be represented in parliament.

The issue was sent to the General Committee for examination after PPM MP and Spokesperson Ahmed Mahlouf proposed an amendment to the rules of procedure.

Ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MPs have meanwhile given mixed responses to local media.

According to Haveeru, MDP Parliamentary Group Leader MP Ibrahims Mohamed Solih said the General Committee had not discussed the issue or reached a decision.

According to Sun, MDP Parliamentary Group Media Coordinator MP Mohamed Shifaz said the decision was made to maintain current regulation, and that the party would not support the amendment.

Moreover, Shifaz claimed the decision was made before the amendment was proposed.

Shifaz and MDP Parliamentary Group Leader and MP Ibrahim Mohamed Solih did not respond to Minivan News at time of press.

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One Comment on "Parliament committee votes to register PPM as a party in parliament"

  1. tsk tsk on Sun, 1st Jan 2012 11:27 PM 

    Shifaz is a puppet. So some powerful figure within the MDPs PG opposes supporting PPMs bid for representation in Parliament. I sincerely hope Shifaz and others like him will not get elected in 2014. Most of us would like to hear things from the horse’s mouth rather than listening to boring young know-nothings foaming at the mouth.

    Ibu Solih meanwhile might be the leader of the faction that has already completed negotiations with PPM to support their bid.

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