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Page added on February 13, 2012

Police fired gun in takeover of MNBC, video reveals

Police fired gun in takeover of MNBC, video reveals thumbnail

Video footage taken during the storming of Maldives National Broadcasting Corporation (MNBC) on February 7 reveals that a police officer used a firearm to break down the gates of the station headquarters in capital Male’, allowing dozens of police and military forces (MNDF) as well as some civilians in plain clothes to forcefully take over the station.

According to Maldivian law police officers are not issued firearms.

Approximately two hours before former president Mohamed Nasheed resigned from office “under duress” in what his government has called a “coup d’état”, a group of rogue security forces armed with batons, iron rods, wooden planks and evidently firearms “hijacked” the state media station, forcing it to change to Television Maldives (TVM), its title under former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom.

A video obtained from an unidentified source captured the event from an upstairs window within the MNBC compound, looking down on the television station’s locked gates.

The video begins as tear gas canisters are thrown at a group of MDP activists attempting to protect the building outside the gate, billowing yellow smoke and forcing then to retreat from the area. A woman inside the MNBC headquarters screams, “Oh Mother! Mother!” as another comforts her, asking to “stop crying.”

Riot police with shields charge the gate as the tear gas clears, accompanied by several men who are not wearing uniforms. As the scene unfolds, a male voice is heard saying,  “Look there’s the police coming, they have guns”, while another man exclaims: “Oh no! That’s the bad police”.

The mob then attempts to break the heavy chain on the gates while a man inside shouts, “Oh my God, they’re opening [the gates], they’re opening”.

At the height of the attack on the gates, a uniformed police officer sticks a gun through the circular hole on the right-hand side of the gate and fires. Smoke from the weapon’s discharge floats up into the air. The crowd then bursts through the gates into the courtyard. Some of the men throw stones and one of the men, who isn’t wearing a uniform, is brandishing an iron rod in his hand. The mob then advances towards the main entrance of MNBC before the video cuts out.

“We felt trapped, kidnapped”

Minivan News spoke to some of the then-MNBC staff on duty inside the headquarters that morning, who recounted the “frightening experience” of February 7 on condition of total anonymity.

“They just stormed into the building and broke the doors and windows to force their way in. Some slapped the paper stacks and equipment off the tables. The first guy who came into the newsroom was a protestor and he ordered us to stop all the work we were doing. He kept on stomping his feet on the ground to frighten us and threatened to ‘finish us’ if we didn’t listen. So we stopped. We were all so scared,” one reporter recalled.

“In just a few minutes the whole place was filled with protesters shouting at us, police and MNDF took over the main control room. There were shouts and cries of girls everywhere. We felt trapped, kidnapped,” the reporter added.

“A policeman shouted that we [MNBC] have brought enough of what government wanted. Now its time for them to broadcast what they want,” another station employee claimed.

The employee added that they were ordered to patch through the VTV channel, owned by minority opposition Jumhooree Party (JP) Leader and MP Gasim Ibrahim. The nation watched VTV on state TV before the feed was cut off and came back on, re-branded as TVM.

Another staff member said that the security forces let the staff that wanted to leave the building exit, and assured them, “No harm will come to the rest”.

Newsroom sub-editor Ahmed Muhsin was taken home under police custody, another staff member told Minivan News.

“But we were surrounded by armed opposition protestors. We were scared for our lives,” the source continued. “The first anchor who went on air could not continue even because of the intimidation. So someone else had to take over”.

Police sub-inspector Ahmed Shiyam said that President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan has ordered an investigation into the events of February 7, and that police will not comment on the events of that day until the investigation is concluded.

Dr Waheed’s alleged involvement

MNBC Managing Director Adam Shareef told Minivan News that he was “advised to hide to guard his life” when the protestors stormed in threatening to attack Muhsin and himself for alleged alignment with Nasheed and his Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP).

“I was hiding inside the light room until the security forces assured me I would be given protection. When I came out Dr Waheed’s brother Ali Waheed was there. He shook my hands and said that he was there to take over MNBC on behalf of Vice President Dr Waheed. This was before Nasheed resigned.”

Shareef also claimed that Ali Waheed came earlier that morning asking to handover the state media but he refused. “I told him that MNBC had the authority to run the state media and we would not hand over it unless the security forces came. So that’s why they [police and MNDF] came with the protestors,” Shareef observed.

He said that he waited at the station to ensure the safety of his staff, while Muhsin was escorted home.

Several sources at the newsroom confirmed that members of Dr Waheed’s Gaumee Ithihaad party including Ahmed Faiz and Alim Shakoor, younger brother of newly appointed Attorney General and opposition-friendly lawyer Aishath Azima Shakoor, were in the news room “giving orders” that day.

Previously, Azima Shakoor represented parliament’s state broadcaster Maldives Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) in a drawn out tug-of-war with state owned MNBC for control of the assets of the state broadcaster, formerly Television Maldives (TVM) and Voice of Maldives (VoM).

Its also notable that after taking office, the first presidential decree passed by President Dr. Waheed was to transfer assets to MBC, although Nasheed’s administration had repeatedly contended that the MBC board is stacked with opposition supporters and that its attempt to control of MNBC is effectively a “media coup”.

Meanwhile, MNBC was criticised for favouring MDP.

State media liberated or hijacked?

The MNBC staff, who earlier spoke to Minivan News, insisted that “in the name of liberating state media, the police, MNDF and the protestors hijacked [MNBC]”.

“We know the lawful state broadcaster is MBC. But this is not the way they should take over. If the rule of law was respected as Dr Waheed promised in his first presidential address, he would not have let the security forces take control over us,” said a senior member of the MNBC staff.

Minivan News could not reach Maldives Broadcasting Commission at time of press.

The commission has however given a license to MBC, which is now preparing to take over management of the national broadcasting station’s assets, local media reports. President Waheed has replaced the MNBC board and tasked it with overseeing the transfer of assets to MBC, which the MDP has previously alleged has a board stacked with opposition figures.

Meanwhile, speaking to Minivan News, the Maldives Journalist Association (MJA) President Hiriga Ahmed Zahir claimed that the organisation has not reacted to the take over of MNBC because the police were “enforcing the law”.

“MNBC was operating the state media unlawfully, despite repeated calls from us and court orders to hand it over to the parliament-created state broadcaster,” Zahir continued.

He claimed that MNBC was “abusing the state assets, and tax payer’s money” to make the state media a “propaganda machine” of MDP, in the non-existence of a fair editorial policy.

“I am not saying it was done in the most appropriate way. It was a chaotic situation. But we will always welcome bringing unlawful actions within the legal bounds. Police is the body to enforce the laws and I see no reason to object to the police taking over the state media to hand over it to the lawful body,” Zahir said.

He added that it would have been a problem if they had destroyed MNBC’s equipment or intimidated the staff, but said the organisation had not received any official complaints although some concerns have been raised informally.

Former National Security Advisor and former Defence Minister Ameen Faisal meanwhile observed that it looks “very strange” to see the police in the video firing a gun outside the MNBC office.

“It’s very strange to see. It’s very clearly seen in the footage that they were firing from the main outside gate inside [the MNBC compound] and our police force has never been issued with guns. The big question is how they got the guns. Evidently it was from the MNDF because they are the only people authorised to carry guns.”

He further added that the Maldives witnessed a “police mutiny turn into an armed mutiny” on February 7, which forced a democratically-elected president to resign.

“Any democratic country will not accept a government which used the police force and mutiny to forcefully resign a democratically-elected president. They have to condemn [the new administration], with this video footage and with all the torturing by the police. They should not accept the legitimacy of the government and should ask the people of the Maldives to decide who their president should be,” Faisal contended.

A photo circulating on Facebook apparently showing defected police and MNDF celebrating in the courtyard of the state broadcaster, after taking it over on Tuesday.

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70 Comments on "Police fired gun in takeover of MNBC, video reveals"

  1. Abdullah Hassan on Mon, 13th Feb 2012 6:07 PM 

    This is the strongest weapon against the criminals of the 7th Feb Baagheen… video evidence indicting them of their crimes.

  2. peacocky on Mon, 13th Feb 2012 6:18 PM 

    Not a gun. Guns don`t have that much smoke. Probably a tear gas cannister.

  3. Anees on Mon, 13th Feb 2012 6:28 PM 

    One simple question for Dr Waheed as the president of rebel government: if the President Nasheed had resigned voluntarily why was it necessary for the military to seize the state TV station as the above video footage depicts? If it were not a coup, the takeover will be something of a very smooth process without occasion to involve the security forces loyal to rebel politicians and businessmen.

  4. Khajja on Mon, 13th Feb 2012 6:29 PM 


  5. Jean Pierre Baptist on Mon, 13th Feb 2012 6:33 PM 

    Does that surprise anyone?
    Maldives !!! it is time for you to get up and regain the honor your country deserves. No more Islamic terrorism, make Gayoom and his fascist people get out of the country. It is time to back to democracy.

  6. Mr. Antonio (Spain) - on Mon, 13th Feb 2012 6:50 PM 

    What did you expect?

  7. saltwater on Mon, 13th Feb 2012 6:56 PM 

    At last MNBC is free from MDP.

  8. vicky paul on Mon, 13th Feb 2012 7:00 PM 

    I pray tt they have more sense of humanity when dealing with people, lloks like they will be worse than Taliban!

  9. Analyst on Mon, 13th Feb 2012 7:04 PM 

    I was there when this happend, They only had guns for firing tear gas!

  10. Nova on Mon, 13th Feb 2012 7:10 PM 

    On the early morning of Feb 7 MNBC failed to provide any coverage of the events surrounding the fall of President Nasheed. If airing reruns of old dhivehi songs during the moments of panic and crisis in our country mounts to responsible and fair journalism then MDP have failed on another promise.

  11. India on Mon, 13th Feb 2012 7:20 PM 

    It wont work . Judges are the puppets of these maldivian convicts and tycoons

  12. Ahmed on Mon, 13th Feb 2012 7:34 PM 

    Disgusting – so the Army, Police, the rent-a-mob and the Media taken over by this new placid “democratic” government that morning. Two days before the UN arrived to judge the corrupt judges!!

    DEMOCRACY HAS BEEN SPAT OUT BY THE MINORITY. The country will tear itself apart now, that you can be certain.

  13. lol on Mon, 13th Feb 2012 7:40 PM 

    Doesn’t necessary have to be gun. Could be pepper spray and stun gun or any other combination. If a gun was used, obviously the lock would break and they wouldn’ have to struggle that much to open it.

  14. Yasir on Mon, 13th Feb 2012 7:40 PM 

    MN,you can do any form of propaganda you want and show any form of video you want. But the world is with is now, with the people of Maldives and with the government of Dr Waheed. The US,China and India have all recognised the government of Dr Waheed. They have all realised the truth of MDP which is nothing but fear, violence and vandalism. So bye bye MDP. Ciao Addio :)

  15. ismailkatey on Mon, 13th Feb 2012 8:00 PM 

    Thanks for confirming that it was a coup, Minivan news. I hope the Maldivian people sees it for what it is.

  16. Hasenan on Mon, 13th Feb 2012 8:04 PM 

    “Police fired gun in takeover of MNBC” they dont have firearms. MNDF have those, but the video is really frightening

  17. Ahmed bin Addu bin Suvadheeb on Mon, 13th Feb 2012 8:04 PM 

    Enough said. The video speaks for itself. All this happened hours before the “resignation” of the President. How would Waheed defend this and claim it was not a coup d’etat?

  18. Ahmed bin Addu bin Suvadheeb on Mon, 13th Feb 2012 8:06 PM 

    All the hallmarks of a coup d’etat are here. First, the storming of the media. Next, the marching off of the elected President. Like I said before, I don’t think there’s much else we need to know.

  19. ben on Mon, 13th Feb 2012 8:20 PM 

    Eye Witness, Video, Photo, Word of Mouth, Is all of the above is not enough,
    Then what does Islamic Law need to bring terrorists to justice?

  20. Aminath on Mon, 13th Feb 2012 8:21 PM 

    Even with all these evidence why doesn’t the government do anything? Where is justice. This is exactly what President Nasheedh has been saying all along.

  21. Addu Boy on Mon, 13th Feb 2012 8:34 PM 

    Current regime,

    Can you please explain this footage to me and all the Maldivians????

    Do all innocent man and women in this nation is waiting for an answer!!!

    You all lost our respect!!!!!

  22. bl on Mon, 13th Feb 2012 8:34 PM 

    Didn’t see a gun. Police were acting outside the law for sure. but I didn’t see a gun. Saw what looked like tear gas, and heard a sound that was not like a gun being fired. Extremely irresponsible journalism…sad and scary to see this. Being dependent on tourism our image matters a lot.

  23. Addu Boy on Mon, 13th Feb 2012 8:35 PM 

    Current regime,

    Can you please explain this footage to me and all the Maldivians????

    All innocent man and women in this nation is waiting for an answer!!!

    You all lost our respect!!!!!

  24. Nisha on Mon, 13th Feb 2012 8:43 PM 

    Waheed should RESIGN now.

  25. Haleema Yousuf on Mon, 13th Feb 2012 8:45 PM 

    How can Dr Waheed claim that he has no idea of the coup when his brother raided the TV station hours before Nasheed resigned. This guy will have a terrible ending.

  26. George on Mon, 13th Feb 2012 8:48 PM 

    Maldives is becoming another Pakistan: Former NSA

  27. AM on Mon, 13th Feb 2012 9:37 PM 

    That is not a gun

  28. Nars on Mon, 13th Feb 2012 9:42 PM 

    MNBC is finally liberated from corrupt MDP…May god bless maldives….Finally the people of maldives can leave behind the nightmare of Keneryge Mohamed Nasheed and move on with our lives and rebuild our country…Our country has lost 3 years now its time to rebuild the state institutions destroyed by MDP….President Waheed has finally brought honor to the office of the president..Finally we have a president that we can vote for ten more years..Allah willing.

  29. Michael Fahmy on Mon, 13th Feb 2012 9:45 PM 

    President Mohamed Nasheed made a big mistake in taking Dr Waheed as running-mate Vice President. Dr Waheed was not a member of MDP, and so Waheed was not bound by the disciplinary code of Nasheed’s political party.

    When Dr Waheed wrote on his blog that he was ashamed to be in Nasheed’s government, that was an announcement that Waheed was available to the Opposition and the Armed Forces.

    Nasheed was overthrown, and Waheed took over. It all looks above board and legal. But it was not.

    Dr Waheed was a Trojan horse. He was on a secret mission to overthrow Nasheed when the time was ripe.

    Maldivian Army and Police, whose human rights violations have been famous throughout Maldivian history, have done it again.

    Now, for the first time in our history, our Army and Police appear in the role of actually choosing our political leaders for us. They are making kings.

    Nasheed was in an impossible situation. It was a miracle that Nasheed lasted as president as long as he did.

    The Commonweath must suspend the membership of Maldives. India must support this stand of the Commonwealth.

    Unless the Army and the Police are reined in, Maldives will not become a democracy.

  30. me on Mon, 13th Feb 2012 9:48 PM 

    sad that hawwa lubna has also turned to spreading propagagenda. had little hope for her when she started writting for this website.

  31. manik on Mon, 13th Feb 2012 10:16 PM 

    You cannot fire a tear gas into a lock to break it. Looks like a handgun was fired to break the lock on the gate.

    Frankly it looked very scary the way the Police charged inside. I have no truck with the MDP but I would fight their corner to defend democracy.
    Why do they need to have a coup now when most probably he would have lost the election next year?

    Why cannot these goons just wait one more year? I would say that this corruption case against Yameen was the main issue in this timing of the coup.

  32. azim on Mon, 13th Feb 2012 10:21 PM 

    Naanu saabas thikuri hivara

  33. Hassan Manik on Mon, 13th Feb 2012 10:28 PM 

    All you firearm specialists. Whatever it is, its proof that they a WEAPON at the hands of Maldives police to open the gates of MNBC. It doesn’t matter if it was a stun gun, tear gas gun, bazooka or pistol.

  34. goma on Mon, 13th Feb 2012 11:39 PM 

    Minivan News is the leading MDP propaganda machine

  35. KAjja on Mon, 13th Feb 2012 11:54 PM 

    guys!!!! did u see something else. police claimed MDP protesters were armed but this video shows otherwise. take look at the other guys who are not in uniform. thank god in a world of technology you can lie put evidence is left behind.

  36. Sloppy Joe on Tue, 14th Feb 2012 12:09 AM 

    “unlawful actions within the legal bounds” what does that mean, can someone please explain this statement by His Highness Hiriga Zahiru.

    Judas Waheed, It certainly seems that you are in this coup thick and thin. I would have never believed this up until I saw this.

    People with such innocent faces are so damn devious. Yes you look like one of the coup planner.

    Judas Waheed don’t use words like “Unfair” or “Resonable” these are words you have no clue about.

    Once again I have two words for you Judas Waheed, “STEP DOWN” do the right thing.

    Following People need to give us innocent Maldivians lots of answers:

    1. Maumoon 2. Waheed 3. Yamin 4. Gasim 5. Naseer 6. Saeed 7. Imran.

    The above bandits have commits treason against the Republic of Maldives.

    I say an election will legitimize your Presidency. Until than you are a Baaghee.

  37. Yasir on Tue, 14th Feb 2012 12:17 AM 


    Your very wrong its all true buddy.Where have you been all these days.
    Are you deft,blind or simply have you lost all your senses!

    This is happening right infront of us and your saying propagenda!
    if these infomation are not true you are eligible to marry your mom or dad by law.

    Hope you have got the true answer!

  38. HULK on Tue, 14th Feb 2012 12:24 AM 

    there are better ways to over throw a government…..
    this is the height police running after people and beating them….
    why are so many so blind…. Dr. Waheed is a puppet in the hands of Yameen and Buruma

  39. HULK on Tue, 14th Feb 2012 12:28 AM 

    Abdullah Ghazy is the worst criminal running the criminal court (a criminal only knows the criminals mind)………… never allowing justice in the country Releasing bigger criminals and creating havoc…whatever criminal act he committed…. sexual harassment etc etc etc He needs to be convicted but unable by anyone at any time…….
    He is worse than abujahulu.

  40. Hassan on Tue, 14th Feb 2012 12:45 AM 

    i wouldn’t say its gun or plastic explosive. whatever it is i can assured you that its some kind of weaponized breakdown. i was against MDP from the 100th day onwards. but after this i dont think i can support to the opposition anymore. no matter what they lost my vote for sure!
    & as a former NSS employee, i can assure you guys that whatever the kind unlawful orders given by the government neither MNDF or Police Service guys has the rights to come on the street & protest against the elected government as long as they are wearing their uniforms(without resigning) as per to Maldivian constitution. if they felt the government is giving any kind of unlawful orders they have the rights disobey any such orders remain inactive or leaving from the duties & STAY ASIDE. but that doesn’t means that they give their riot-gear or any item provided by law enforcement authorities to fulfill their duties to the public & join them to protest against the government.

  41. binary on Tue, 14th Feb 2012 2:04 AM 

    The problem is not that the police took over MNBC. The problem is that they did it before they had any legitimate orders from the government. Recall this happened before the alleged resignation!

  42. mode on Tue, 14th Feb 2012 2:16 AM 

    Pirates of Indian Ocean.

  43. Ahmed Hashim on Tue, 14th Feb 2012 2:45 AM 

    I will never Trust the Military and the Police ever

  44. blamed on Tue, 14th Feb 2012 2:53 AM 

    This article is written without interviewing anyone else other than those who would sing the song that the journalist wanted to hear.

    Why did the journalist not mention the fact that MNBC is the vehicle that hijacked the assets of TVM and VOM even when the courts had asked it to be handed over according to the law of MBC which the parliament had passed and ratified by HEP Mohamed Nasheed. It is in fact in the interest of fair journalism to mention this.

  45. Ahmed bin Addu bin Suvadheeb on Tue, 14th Feb 2012 4:18 AM 

    @Michael Fahmy on Mon, 13th Feb 2012 9:45 PM

    “President Mohamed Nasheed made a big mistake in taking Dr Waheed as running-mate Vice President.”

    I’d agree that Waheed was a Trojan Horse. Waheed was no friend of MDP or Nasheed or anyone else in government. Waheed was cunning, certainly. He went in with the enemy in order to outmanoeuvre them.

    As I mentioned elsewhere, this is an age old tactic. Become the friend of your arch enemy in order to destroy them. That’s exactly what Waheed did. Nasheed made several errors of judgement; I hope he and his team takes time to reflect on what happened and learn a hard lesson from all of this. Do not underestimate your enemy.

  46. manik on Tue, 14th Feb 2012 4:29 AM 

    blamed, I do not care what MNBC did to the assets of TVM. They all belong to the government. This is not a privately owned station. It is just administrative from TVM and VOM to MNBC,

    All I know is that I saw the Police use tear gas and weapons and charge into a government institution before Nasheed has resigned and Ali Waheed went there to take over before Nasheed has resigned.
    That is treachery from Waheed Hassan. This man is worse than Brutus and would end as Brutus too.

  47. Mariyam on Tue, 14th Feb 2012 7:01 AM 

    The Opposition and its supporters will go to any lengths to defend the coup. Afterall, as Umar Naseer said, the arrest of the corrupt judge was just the excuse they needed to start the protests and unrest in Male’. All the Opposition members we see on TV hailing this coup as some sort of a victory of the Constitution, would have had a lot to lose of the corrupt judge had opened his mouth and spilled their secrets. Its a joke to see people like Riyaz Rasheed talking about law and order, when he is living off a business of oil, set up through very questionable means and the very acts that the Nasheed administration was trying to investigate.

    There are so many videos and instances that show this transfer of power to be a coup and no matter what the Opposition and the supporters say to sugar coat it, fact remains that it is a COUP and it will go down in our history, as a COUP.

  48. malikabubakur on Tue, 14th Feb 2012 7:14 AM 

    DR Waheed is worse any body , we US India UN to rethink .

  49. ibrahim Mohamed on Tue, 14th Feb 2012 8:28 AM 

    If MJA is acting like this and supporting coup and coup leaders, our future generations will surely question the professionalism of free journalism when the country was most in need of professional journalists. When several respected journalists were at stake and under terror Mr.Hirigaa was only concerned with the MNBC and MBC issues. When we say MNBC was a propaganda machine for MDP, what was Dhitiv and VTV doing. They also have hogged up large amounts of tax payer money and their irresponsible and biased journalism also had to be condemned bu MJA if the association is really working for professional journalism.

  50. nina on Tue, 14th Feb 2012 8:30 AM 

    See, whatever secret you have, it will be reavealed…
    the truth will win!!!

    Allah always watches for everything…
    still now MNBC is hijacked…

  51. Hassan on Tue, 14th Feb 2012 10:22 AM 

    Thanks Allah.. Now our TV is free from the durnkard MDP and its canabis adict Mohamed Nasheed.

  52. Annil on Tue, 14th Feb 2012 10:24 AM 

    Ever heard of a door charge? Dangerous speculation and irresponsible journalism

  53. Goon on Tue, 14th Feb 2012 10:57 AM 

    Isn’t it funny that fahkadaa Zahiru Hussein’s online newspaper “HAVEERU” has no guts to air this video and same with Adubarey and his “MIADHU” newspaper.

    Its a simple conclusion, these two parties need to be investigated for the part they played in this coup.

  54. Yoga on Tue, 14th Feb 2012 11:06 AM 

    We will see all the evidence of a coup for days to come but I do not have any hope that this will be recognised as a coup in an ‘independent’ inquiry.

    Maldives will be victimised by the super powers. Keep reading the news articles surrounding the event and you will start to question India’s role in the coup. To begin with why was Yameen Abdul Gayyoom at the Indian High Commission at the time? They were all against GMR before. Do you hear any of that now? NO

    This is where things will start to get dangerous. India will not side with the opposition to remove Maldives from the Common Wealth or publicly say it was a coup. America will follow. America will agree to Indian terms under some other deal that has nothing to do with the Maldives but their selfish self.

    C’mon people wake. Look at what has happened to Bosnia, look at what’s happening in Syria. We should know enough by now that none of the states will act outside their interests.

  55. Rauna on Tue, 14th Feb 2012 12:49 PM 

    Where was the hiding Broadcasting commision rishwathu hifaa Badhuru and shaheeb

  56. Nova on Tue, 14th Feb 2012 1:32 PM 

    It is most probably an explosive charge that is often used by military and police forces to detonate locked doors and other sorts of entrances.

    Shooting at a lock can be a very stupid thing to do as the bullet may ricochet and hit the shooter.

    Cmon not everyone is stupid. Try your luck again to make a fool of everyone.

  57. abdulla on Tue, 14th Feb 2012 1:43 PM 

    ތިޔަ ސިފައިންނާއި ފުލުހުންގެ ވާހަކަ ނުދައްކާށެވެ! އަންނި އެ ބުނާފަދައިން އެމީހުނަށް ކަންތައް ކުރެވޭނީ އެމީހުން ޓުރެއިންކޮށްފައިވާ ގޮތަކަށެވެ! އަހަރެމެންނާ ދިމާއަށް (މުގުރު ބުރިތައް ހިފައިގެން) އަންނައިރު ހީވާނީ މިނިކާވަގުތަކެއް ހެނެވެ.. ނަމަވެސް ބޭރުގެދުޝްމަނުންނާ ދިމާވެއްޖެ އެމީހުން އޮސްޓްރިޗް ފަދައެވެ. ދުވާނީ ހުސް ފޮށިގަނޑުތައް ހޯދާށެވެ! ޝާއިރު ވިދާޅުވަނީ ހަމަ ތެދެވެ. أسَدٌ عليَّ وفي الحروبِ نَعامةٌ … ربداءُ تَجْفَلُ من صَفير الصافر އޭނާއަކީ އަހަރެންނާ ދިމާއަށް އަންނައިރު މިނިކާވަގެއްފަދަ މީހެކެވެ. ނަމަވެސް ހަނގުރާމައިގާ އޮސްޓްރިޗް ފަދައެވެ. މީހަކު ކަށިގަނޑެއް ފުންމާއިލިއަސް ދުވާނީ ފިލާށެވެ!

  58. maxed4901 on Tue, 14th Feb 2012 2:06 PM 

    so this has been planned and in operation for a while oder definition to dis dan a planned with all dese info…referance to the haveeru which is drp news n minivan as anni side of story….thers 2things i noted.

    one is either doctor wadde is so smart dat his take over plan had been kept total secret to anni and his administration..if anni knew..he wud have or rather should have told us.his true supporters.

    second is dat theres a missing anni hiding somethin?dat he was forced to take decision and then talk.we as his supporters demand to know..u pple just cnt play wth our hopes

  59. Jaiz ( Maathoda ) on Tue, 14th Feb 2012 2:55 PM 

    72 people from Faresmaathoda will arrive to Male on 17th of this month.

  60. Hassan on Tue, 14th Feb 2012 3:34 PM 

    Manik, i do agree with you for some instance, here the problem is not MNBC or Dr.Waheed or his brother. here the problem is the way way MNDF & Police has taken orders from some one who cannot be identified. for them selves they have no rights to act like that either. & i do agree that MNBC has working close with MDP & hiding most of the truth from public. i dont care MNBC or MBC administrate the facility i am talking about the fare journalism in every manner. but that doesn’t mean that the security forces can highjack facility with the employees & do what ever they want.

  61. Mohamed Rasheed on Tue, 14th Feb 2012 7:30 PM 

    I have tried but not found a website of the MJA (Maldives Journalists Association) so i am unaware what there stated mission, vision and objectivs are.
    Since it is an association of Journalists i presume that the well being of journalists, working for professional development of journalists and establishment of a safe and enabling working environment for journalists could be part of their stated objectives. I believe MJA should be proactive and instead of waiting for complaints they must determine if any journalist inside MNBC on 7 February 2012 was prevented from carrying out duties or was forced to work against their will.
    I could not determine from the video if any journalist was being manhandled or abused however the camera crew filming the video are clearly terified.
    I believe MJA President, in his comments, has not addressed issues that should be his main cause for concern, that is the safety of the Journalists and news crew working in MNBC when the police stormed in. The legal position of MNBC and MBC should not have been a concern of the Maldives JOURNALISTS Association!

  62. manik on Tue, 14th Feb 2012 8:41 PM 

    The MNBC is a difficult issue. Is its purpose to put forward the government line or is is supposed to be impartial?

    A lot of these TV stations are supposed to be the Governments mouth pieces not matter what the government is.

  63. concerned civilian on Wed, 15th Feb 2012 5:32 PM 

    if its a gun the chances of the bullet being deflected when shot at security locks is very high. and someone did mention that that amount of smoke wont be there from a gunshot, probably some sorta explosives they use when they need to forced themselves into secure areas.

  64. Skeptical Inquirer on Thu, 16th Feb 2012 10:52 AM 

    The ends do not justify the means here.

  65. shafimar on Thu, 16th Feb 2012 11:52 AM 

    This city “Male’” I lived for 10 years was the most peaceful city I knew…. Today I am seeing from a far distance (US) and cannot believe my eyes and could not imagine the ongoing political turmoil.

    1985-95 I saw this simple and “God” fearing community has turned into rage and violent from the politicians to the public. It hurts and mostly sucks.

    This is not you Maldivians!!! Not the one I knew.

    The rich has became richer and only the average and the less fortunate who has to face to ugly outcome between politician and the new political parties who use public as a pawn in their game of Chess.

    Dear Maldivians, Friends and relatives, do not give others the opportunity to take advantages of your kindness to their political gains.

    Though from your neighboring country, I have always been a part of your beautiful country and a friend, I have great Maldivian friends and the most wonderful memories during my life to this date, that I do not want to erase for any reasons.

  66. Indira NewDelhi on Fri, 17th Feb 2012 1:20 AM 

    I have always maintained that islam and democracy are totally incompatible and the political shenanigans in Maldives bear this out. Well done morons of Maldives for unseating a democratically elected president. You deserve the Nobel Prize for stupidity for your actions.
    The so called ‘Arab Spring’ has also fizzled out as we see Egypt reverting to the bad old ways……….clearly the ‘true believers’…………that’s you…………haven’t a clue what democracy and tolerance and freedom is all about.
    I can see Maldives becoming another failed state like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia and Yemen very soon………..all islamic states, now there’s a coincidence.
    You already have some of the stupidest religious laws in south asia………..flogging of women, intolerance towards other faiths etc.
    India should rescind visa free travel for Maldivians to India immediately and slam the door shut on you losers if democracy is not restored very soon.
    I’ll say it again………islam and democracy are totally incompatible. Most islamic countries are run by despots, dictators, religious mafias and thugs, the military and medieval rulers and sheikhs……….not surprising then that you are some of the most repressive, intolerant and backward countries in the world.
    India has so much to teach you.

  67. Ash on Fri, 17th Feb 2012 9:42 AM 

    There is more evidence of the organized coup when the MP Riyaz Rasheed and Ia colleague reveiled their plan after forcefully taking over the TV stations. Waseem was the anchor….they very proudly explaining how the gayyoom family was involved in this coup.. We need clips of this interview…

  68. Ben Abdul-Rahman P. on Fri, 17th Feb 2012 12:38 PM 

    I saw Wahid stating that he did not even know of the ‘resignation’ of President Nasheed until he was called up after the event. So, if he did not see what happened, he is no position to state that His Excellency President Mohammed Nasheed was not forced to submit that letter.

    I submit that it is possible that Dr. Waheed actually believes that it was not a coup. Human ambition can be extremely self-deceptive. Yet he will very soon regret his mistake.

    I predict that by the time he realizes he HAS NO REAL POWER it MAY be too late for him.

    This is my prediction, we will wait and see if I am correct.

    In the name of restoring peace and order, parliament will be dissolved as deadlock will make it completely dysfunctional. The Constitution will be suspended. The Maumoon worshipping cabinet, in the name of restoring rule, will decide Wahid was the wrong choice, and hold ‘cabinet-internal’ elections which Maumoon OR Yameen will win.

    Waheed will be sorry, he will be seen as a traitor by MDP, and as a weak fool by DRP, so, sadly, he will be back to his old task of being sent overseas to work in some UN job or as some OS diplomat.

    Pres. Anni MAY forgive him on a personal level, after all he did help Anni get out of prison by representing Anni to Maumoon years ago, yet will never be able to give Waheed a position as MDP would reject it.

    This is actually rather sad for Waheed, because from the many things I have heard, Waheed is a genuinely kind, intelligent guy whose soul has, in this instance, become drunk and stupid due to the perception of power. Power will make anyone drunk and stupid. I don’t blame Waheed, I don’t judge him, he is a victim of something bigger.

    The only way Waheed can prevent this destiny is by announcing early elections. Even if this causes the military to throw Waheed out and replace him quickly, at least, he would have a hope of saving face in the eyes of his people.

  69. police-less nation on Fri, 17th Feb 2012 2:35 PM 

    Maldivian security forces! it’ll take a long time for these organisations to regain their honour! They are not “to serve protect” they are to “to attack and destroy old ladies” already they killed 1 lady and injured 60 or more people on the 8/2/2012 MDP protest.

  70. shax on Tue, 13th Mar 2012 8:44 AM 

    shame to be a maldivian… i dont know what the hell is wrong with this polititions,they just need money. but i think they are destroying our future. so stubborn….

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