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Page added on October 30, 2012

PPM wins by-elections in Faafu, Meemu and Laamu atolls

PPM wins by-elections in Faafu, Meemu and Laamu atolls thumbnail

Candidates from the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) have won all three by-elections held on Monday for vacant atoll and island council seats in Meemu Atoll Mulaku constituency, Faafu Atoll Bilehdhoo and Laamu Atoll Maabaidhoo.

According to provisional results from the Elections Commission (EC), PPM candidate Ali Ibrahim won the contest for the vacant Meemu Mulaku constituency atoll council seat with 677 votes (50.45 percent) against Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) candidate Ibrahim Latheef with 478 votes (35.6 percent).

Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) candidate Adam Hassan was placed third with 187 votes (13.93 percent).

In the February 2011 local council elections – which took place before the PPM was formed by the breakaway ‘Zaeem’ faction of the DRP – the then-opposition candidates Yousuf Sidqee and Zahira Mohamed from the DRP along with Ahmed Sulaiman from the People’s Alliance (PA) won the three atoll council seats for the Mulaku constituency with 949 votes, 736 votes and 855 votes respectively.

The fifth placed MDP candidate Mohamed Adil received 711 votes.

In May 2009, then-PA Leader Abdulla Yameen secured the Mulaku constituency parliamentary seat with 856 votes (45 percent).

Meanwhile, in Laamu Maabaidhoo, PPM candidate Hassan Adil won the vacant island council seat yesterday with 198 votes (43.52 percent) against Abdul Rasheed from the MDP who got 168 votes (36.92 percent) and Independent candidate Ahmed Shujau in third place with 89 votes (19.57 percent).

In February 2011, the five seats of the Maabaidhoo island council were won by two independent candidates and three DRP candidates.

While independent candidate Mariyam Didi came first with 283 votes, MDP candidate Ali Rasheed in 15th place received 81 votes.

The constituency including Maabadhoo was won by the PA in the parliamentary election. The then-minority opposition contested the parliamentary elections in a formal coalition with the DRP.

Meanwhile, independent candidate Shareef Idrees – who is a member of PPM – won yesterday’s by-election for a vacant seat in the Faafu Bilehdhoo island council with 342 votes (53.44 percent) against MDP candidate Ramzeena Afeef who got 298 votes (46.56 percent).

Four independent candidates and one MDP candidate were elected to the Bilehdhoo island council in February 2011.

In February 2011, the highest placed independent candidate Ali Saleem was elected with 390 votes while fifth placed MDP candidate Imran Rasheed received 309 votes.

In a by-election in November 2011 for a vacant atoll council seat for the Bilehdhoo constituency, MDP candidate Ibrahim Naeem came on top with 674 votes (53 percent) against Jumhoree Party contender Mohamed Musthafa, placed second with 539 votes (42 percent).

The former ruling party had won all three atoll council seats from the Bilehdhoo constituency in February 2011.

Moreover, MDP MP Ahmed Hamza represents the Bilehdhoo constituency in parliament.

Following yesterday’s results, PPM Spokesperson and MP Ahmed Mahloof noted that the party has won nine out of 12 by-elections held since its inception in October 2011.

Meanwhile, a by-election scheduled for Monday to elect a candidate for a vacant seat in the Alif Dhaal Dhidhoo island council was decided without a vote after only the Jumhoree Party (JP) fielded a candidate. The EC announced on October 1 that JP candidate Ahmed Niyaz had won the seat by default.


The turn-out in all three by-elections on Monday was relatively low compared to previous elections, with 55 percent in Mulaku, 82 percent in Bilehdhoo and 79 percent in Maabadhoo.

Of 2,441 eligible voters in the Mulaku constituency, 1,360 cast their ballots (18 were declared invalid).

In the island of Maabaidhoo in Laamu Atoll, 462 voters out of 661 eligible voters participated in the by-election. Seven votes were declared invalid.

In Bilehdhoo, out of 784 eligible voters, 650 citizens cast their ballots with ten declared invalid.

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6 Comments on "PPM wins by-elections in Faafu, Meemu and Laamu atolls"

  1. mody on Tue, 30th Oct 2012 3:04 PM 

    These results shows and proves that majority of Maldivian are not happy with Anni .

    If Anni let someone else to lead MDP, then it has more chances of winning the elections.

  2. Shimy on Tue, 30th Oct 2012 4:44 PM 

    What happened to seyku Anni and MDP claiming to rule Maldives for 500 years.

    Just like the Titanic. Claimed that nothing, not even god can sink the ship but alas the first voyage showed them how wrong they were??? Maldivians, learn something from this for everything happens for a reason!!!

  3. Shimy on Tue, 30th Oct 2012 4:48 PM 

    BTW, minivan, pretty brave of you to display this as most of your readers will winch their teeth??!!!

  4. Reesh on Tue, 30th Oct 2012 6:04 PM 

    we have to read these results very carefully… I reckon these results do not necessarily show the approval rates for Gayoom… bit rather these show evidence of diapproval of Nasheed… I still believe majority do not want Gayoom to lead the country.. MDP should dump Anni and move forward with someone to lead the party.. I am sure there are more capable people in the party..

  5. Mariyam on Tue, 30th Oct 2012 8:19 PM 

    Be it a race, a competition or an election, there will always be winners and losers. MDP losing these elections this time is I think a good lesson for MDP and they need to realize they can’t win the presidential elections with their current attitude and strategies. I welcome this wake up call for MDP. Having said that I am also happy to see that they have accepted this defeat graciously and am sure they will not overthrow the elected officials using the police and defence as tools and Islam as an excuse to promote their political agenda. MDP please wake up and go out there and win the elections next year with change in leadership (if needed) and strategies. We are still behind you!

  6. Passing by on Wed, 31st Oct 2012 9:12 AM 

    No one doubts about the future losses MDP will incur in elections.Everyone in Maldives knows this, but stubborn leadership of MDP will not allow changes in strategy to win votes.Anni and his worshippers are too busy promoting him in international circles That they don’t have a clue about what’s really happening on the ground.twitter and facebook community reactions and polls are skewed when the actual voting population is considered.will the leadership allow changes in tactics..? only if Anni allows it..

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