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Page added on May 7, 2012

President establishes two new ministries in healthcare shake-up

President establishes two new ministries in healthcare shake-up thumbnail

President Mohamed Waheed Hassan has  abolished the Ministry of Health and Family in favour of two new separate ministerial bodies.

The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Gender, Family and Human Rights have both now been established following the abolition of the previous healthcare body.

Under these two new bodies, Dr Ahmed Jamsheed Mohamed will retain his post as Minister of Health, while Dhiyana Saeed will head the Ministry of Gender, Family and Human Rights.

Saeed, former SAARC Secretary General and wife of recently-elected Jumhoree Party (JP) MP for Kaashidhoo, Abdulla Jabir, resigned from her SAARC position after criticising former President Mohamed Nasheed for the arrest of Chief Criminal Court judge, Abdulla Mohamed. Saeed was youngest SAARC Secretary General ever appointed and the first female.

Both new ministers conducted their respective oath of office today in-front of Supreme Court Judge Abdulla Areef, according to the President’s Office.

The ministerial changes were made a week after the government announced the abolition of the country’s Health Service Corporations. President Waheed said the service facilities provided by the corporations would be brought under control of the Ministry of Health.

The decision was taken by the cabinet based on the experiences of previous government health policy over the last three years, the government stated. The government claimed that a number of “challenges” needed to be faced in providing healthcare across the country’s atolls.

Just last month, the government announced that 30 state companies providing provincial health and utility services would be abolished to try and streamline various public services.

Seven health corporations charged with overseeing regional medical services were also dissolved in favour of returning their functions to the Ministry of Health and Family.

The now opposition Maldivan Democratic Party (MDP) criticised the decision as reversing the decentralisation policy that had been undertaken in recent years.

“Maldives’ geographical fragmentation means one central board or company will find it impossible to effectively monitor and deliver services in an equitable manner,” former President Nasheed’s former Policy Undersecretary Aminath Shauna told Minivan News at the time.

Regional hospitals

Mohammed Abdul Samad, temporary manager for Gan Regional Hospital in Addu Atoll, told Minivan News Thursday that he personally welcomed the decision to abolish the Health Service Corperations.

Samad claimed that despite the relative success in recent years of Maldives health policy in areas such as cutting infant mortality rates, the quality of health services had been generally declining.

“We are desperately in need for urgent supplies like certain injections. We have so many pending bills and the government has had to arrange money for us,” he said.

Samad, who said he was temporarily overseeing operations at Gan Regional Hospital, added that he therefore welcomed the decision to have the Ministry of Health oversee the former Health Service Corporations’ work.

He also claimed that the government would be better able to provide more technically-experienced health staff rather businessmen to oversee hospital operations.

Samad added that Gan Regional Hospital presently faced significant problems in paying off debts relating to much needed drug supplies.

He claimed that the Health Ministry faced major challenges in relation to hiring trained medical staff at hospitals around the country. Taking the example of Gan Regional Hospital alone, Samad said the site presently had the need to employ additional specialist staff like a second gynaecologist to meet local patient demand, though added that management were unable to find suitable candidates.

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6 Comments on "President establishes two new ministries in healthcare shake-up"

  1. Aisha on Mon, 7th May 2012 6:37 PM 

    We are told we have a deficit, so what do we do? Create two new Ministries. And appoint an additional minister with all the extra costs that come with it, car, etc etccut down access to Asaandha by the people.

    And this is not called “rewarding your people”??

    The economics of this government is mind boggling.

  2. Poppat on Mon, 7th May 2012 8:57 PM 

    Another waste of State funds by this imbecile Waheed! Just like in the good ol’ Maumoon days, create more and more Ministerial posts to appease his cronies. And what would happen to the Constitutionally incorporated Human Rights Commission of the Maldives now?! Not that they are any more capable of doing a good job according to their own mandate as well….now we have a HRCM and ministry dealing with Human Rights…hehehehehe…nothing more than all the common Maldivians money being distributed freely to another institution….tsk tsk Waheed…what governance capabilities you have!

  3. kaza on Tue, 8th May 2012 3:23 AM 

    Waheed being a puppet of the coalition partners, he has no choice but continue brewing new ministries in his backyard so that the leaders of his coalition partner parties can stay happy.

    Waheed knows the poor economic status of the country and its huge deficit and high spending. Waheed also knows the importance of national unity. But knowing these doesnt mean he can speak. Being a puppet, his tongue is twisted to the tune of Puppets’ Party of the Maldives aka PPM, whose spiritual leader has in his hands, all the strings that move the limbs of the puppets he controls including the present puppet’s mouth(ppm) Waheed

  4. Ahmed bin Addu bin Suvadheeb on Tue, 8th May 2012 3:42 AM 

    “He also claimed that the government would be better able to provide more technically-experienced health staff rather businessmen to oversee hospital operations.”

    Really, Samad? Where is the “government” going to dig them out of? Grave yards?

    All the “technically-experienced” health staff are too busy working in the private sector, and are doing just fine with a nice healthy stream of dollars, thank you very much!

  5. Beyond the Grave on Tue, 8th May 2012 4:35 AM 

    No worries the imbecile will go soon; he comes he goes; he will be gone for good; what a loser!

  6. Niyasa on Tue, 8th May 2012 10:33 AM 

    Dhiyana cannot talk in English.

    Dhiyana cannot talk in her mother tongue, Addu dialect.

    Dhiyana cannot talk in Male’ dialect. Ekamaku lawyer ekoa.

    Thikahala lawyer eh ulhey court thakuga peyoanakah ves.

    Dhiyana akee hus un’beh. Evves ottaraeh sikun’di aku neiiy…!

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