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Page added on November 23, 2010

Speaker and Deputy Speaker will be unable to enter parliament if Hashim cannot, claims Reeko

Speaker and Deputy Speaker will be unable to enter parliament if Hashim cannot, claims Reeko thumbnail

Parliamentary Leader of the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), MP ‘Reeko’ Moosa Manik, has threatened to bar the speaker of the Majlis and his deputy from entering parliament if Finance Minister Ali Hashim is prevented from performing his duties.

Manik has warned that if Finance Minister Ali Hashim is disallowed to enter the parliament chamber to present the annual budget for next year, Speaker Abdulla Shahid and Deputy Speaker Ahmed Nazim would be prevented entry by the MDP.

Ali Hashim was one of the five ministers parliament yesterday voted to dismiss from the cabinet.

After three weeks of stalemate, parliament voted to approve five out of a dozen cabinet ministers reappointed by President Mohamed Nasheed in July, while MPs of the ruling MDP boycotted the sitting before voting began.

Seven ministers – Finance Minister Ali Hashim, Education Minister Dr Musthafa Luthfy, Foreign Minister Dr Ahmed Shaheed, Fisheries Minister Dr Ibrahim Didi and Attorney General Dr Ahmed Ali Sawad – did not receive a majority of votes from the 42 MPs in attendance.

Moosa said that it was not for the opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party [DRP] to decide whether Hashim can or cannot enter the parliament in cases related to finance ministry.

”There is not even a slight difficulty for Hashim to enter the parliament as long as he remains as an appointed minister by the executive power,” said Moosa. ”The vote parliament took yesterday was also illegitimate.”

Moosa said yesterday that MDP MPs left the parliament chamber to loosen the deadlock in parliament over cabinet endorsement, so that the parliament could proceed with other necessary works such as a Witnesses Bill and approving next year’s budget.

Moosa’s remarks suggested it was a response to what DRP leader and MP Ahmed Thasmeen Ali and People’s Alliance party [PA] deputy leader and deputy speaker of the parliament MP Ahmed Nazim said following the parliament’s decision.

Thasmeen told the media that if the dismissed ministers remain in office to proceed with their work, ”it would be a really serious issue and the matter would be taken to the Supreme Court.”

Meanwhile, Nazim have told the media that ”there is no way Hashim could present the budget as he did not get the consent of the parliament to be in the position.”

Nazim also argued that any minister that did not get the consent of the parliament should not remain in the position.

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10 Comments on "Speaker and Deputy Speaker will be unable to enter parliament if Hashim cannot, claims Reeko"

  1. Rinzy on Tue, 23rd Nov 2010 9:59 PM 

    Under the constitution of the country Ali Hashim is not a Minister any more as he did not receive the consent of the Majlis. So he should not be presenting the budget.

    Whats MDP doing when President Nasheed ignores the constitution and tries to rule like his predecessor did.

  2. Andy on Tue, 23rd Nov 2010 11:06 PM 

    Dear Mr. Reeko,

    The Maldives is a Republic nation and does not prevail any mob rule like Somalia. You might think that you are hero by making bogus people court. But the fact is that you will be accountable for this as soon as the rule of law prevail in this country.

  3. Mohamed Shihab on Tue, 23rd Nov 2010 11:47 PM 

    It was the President who informed that his ministers will not report to the Majlis, if I remember correctly; so if he wants to take it back, I think he has the power as Head of State.

  4. wolf on Wed, 24th Nov 2010 5:13 AM 

    again the clown is barking.

  5. hameed on Wed, 24th Nov 2010 5:29 AM 

    This idiot has been causing more damage to the government than anybody else

  6. Ali on Wed, 24th Nov 2010 8:02 AM 

    Oh, its the dog barking again.

  7. Mrs Wolf. on Wed, 24th Nov 2010 12:06 PM 

    keeo barkin, herd was scared.
    Go go go Moosa, we with you to bark when neccessary.

  8. ibrahim Mohamed on Wed, 24th Nov 2010 1:19 PM 

    Nazim, convicted for corruption, Thasmeen and his family businesses hogged up the whole Bank Of Maldives. Shahid the speaker got his seat from a constituency of 200 votes.
    They all are douche bags. If the executive has no freedom of choosing his own cabinet there is no sense in this democracy.

  9. HCP Bell on Wed, 24th Nov 2010 4:03 PM 

    I know how to solve this problem. Shut down the parliament and the President should resign. Then go back to the British / the Americans / the Chinese / the Portuguese even… and tell them we are incapable of governing ourselves because the best people we can find and voted for are a bunch of nincompoops.

    Because we can blame the MPs or the President all we want – but we the people voted for them. As someone clever once said – Democracy is the system of governance whereby the people get the government they deserve!!!

  10. Royal Class Syndrome on Thu, 25th Nov 2010 1:22 AM 

    Whatever the issues be – the insincerity of DRP knows no bounds. When the cabinet is held hostage to the likes or rather the personal dislikes of the DRP – this is only expected

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