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Page added on April 23, 2012

Male’ City Council to put up sign boards in Male’ to stop tourists from swimming in bikinis

Male’ City Council to put up sign boards in Male’ to stop tourists from swimming in bikinis thumbnail

Following an incident yesterday in which a group of tourists arrived in Male’ and went swimming in the Artificial Beach wearing bikinis, Male’ City Council has decided to put up sign boards informing tourists that it is prohibited to swim in the area wearing bikinis.

Male’ City Council member Mohamed Shujau today told Minivan News that the decision to put up sign boards was to prevent such incidents from occurring.

‘’It will happen when large groups of tourists come to Male’,’’ Shujau said. ‘’We do not want to punish the tourists so we will try to put up sign boards as a method of prevention.’’

Shujau said the Male’ City Council was in an agreement with tour operator and agents responsible for bringing tourists to Male’ that they will inform tourists that wearing bikinis while in Male’ is not allowed.

He said the council was yesterday informed “by many people” about the incident, and requested the council look into the matter.

Secretary General of the Maldives Association of Yacht Agents (MAYA) told Minivan News that the council had informed the association about the tourists swimming in the Artificial Beach wearing improper clothing.

‘’We always inform tourists that it is not allowed to wear bikinis in Male’ under Maldivian regulations,’’ Mohamed Ali said. ‘’We informed the tourists that came yesterday that the only place in Male’ that is for swimming is the Artificial Beach, and informed them that Maldivians also swim there.’’

Mohamed Ali said the association also informed tourists that anything they wear had to cover up to their knees, and that it was inappropriate to wear bikinis.

He said Male’ City Council has asked MAYA to assist the council in putting up the sign boards, and said MAYA had agreed to help.

A large group of tourists arrived yesterday from a cruise liner carrying more than 3000 tourists, he added.

In February last year the Adhaalath Party complained that tourists had been wearing improper clothing and consuming alcohol on Hulhumale’ beach in public, and that the area was becoming “a place where Maldivian families cannot visit.”

Islamic Minister Sheikh Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed today told Minivan News that the issue was not related to the Islamic Ministry and that Islamic Ministry “has nothing to say about it.”

He said that the Islamic Ministry had not received any complaints regarding the issue.

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20 Comments on "Male’ City Council to put up sign boards in Male’ to stop tourists from swimming in bikinis"

  1. Fact on Mon, 23rd Apr 2012 7:06 PM 

    Do the ppl at MN have an issue with our culture? You guys take up all these crappy “news”! Hate your editorial policies!

  2. Burkini on Mon, 23rd Apr 2012 7:10 PM 

    Bikinis are an abomination for a nation with no evil intention. There is no question.

  3. Terry Newman on Mon, 23rd Apr 2012 8:33 PM 

    Double Standards. Why Don’t You Ban Them In The Resorts As Well ?

    Money Talking Again Louder Than Any Religion !

  4. The Lulzifier on Mon, 23rd Apr 2012 8:51 PM 

    The mere sight of bikinis will without a doubt, increase fornication by the bearded, holier than thou maldivian men. So please, ban bikinis and pass a new law enforcing the black tent on all females above the age of 4.

  5. nasr on Mon, 23rd Apr 2012 9:55 PM 

    The people of banana republic take pride by doing crazy things. Banning women to relax on secluded area with maximum comfort may sound an ethical issue, but it more proves how dirty the minds of these crazy people are. Probably it is a good idea for foreing women to cover as much as possible when they roam around among this savages. You don’t walk in to the area of chimpanzees with foods; they will rip you off to grab the foods.

  6. Trin Treeen on Mon, 23rd Apr 2012 10:00 PM 

    Is this news?
    If France can ban burgas, why can’t we ban whatever we want?

  7. naail on Mon, 23rd Apr 2012 10:46 PM 

    Tourists are visitors and visitors are expected to respect the culture and ethics of the place. It is not the citizens that need to cope with the culture of the visitors but it is the visitors who need to abide the rules.

  8. Hani on Tue, 24th Apr 2012 7:58 AM 

    Maybe they should put up a sign saying Heroin is bad for you too.

  9. c-bag on Tue, 24th Apr 2012 8:17 AM 

    my only chance to see a white chick in a bikini is lost!!! lets protest!

  10. Rooster on Tue, 24th Apr 2012 9:51 AM 

    I knew this article will be written by Ahmed nazeer.

  11. minivan baby on Tue, 24th Apr 2012 10:17 AM 

    Yah coz these men cant control themselves at the sight of flesh, yet the bollywood songs/movies are more like a soft core porn.

  12. Rashīd al-Dīn Tabīb on Tue, 24th Apr 2012 10:23 AM 

    A country which sports the world’s highest divorce rate is prohibiting swimming in bikinis.
    Now, that is a good one.

    Wonder what happens if bikinis are allowed? No marriages at all anymore (lol)

  13. Derek Postance on Tue, 24th Apr 2012 10:28 AM 

    A cruise liner carrying more than 3000 tourists? How can Malé (or even the resorts) handle such numbers in one visit?
    Even much larger islands in the Caribbean struggle to deal with them. Re the bikini ban, Muslim men have zero self control it appears.

  14. Shahid on Tue, 24th Apr 2012 12:19 PM 

    The hypocrite virgin beardies can not handle the world we live in and make a living from. Extremism is taking over!!!!! We will be sorry.

  15. Mohm Shiraz on Tue, 24th Apr 2012 1:22 PM 

    unbelievable which kind of things we have to read and to discuss in f*unny Maldives
    Police with sheikhs and money under leadership murderer Maumoon has taken over our freedom, democracy, government, stolen our votes and screwed our nation.
    Then we discuss bikinis for gods sake ? What ftf is the point ? If u get that excited, look the other way, go to ur wife and girlfriend and be nice to her ;-)

  16. Whatevs!! on Tue, 24th Apr 2012 1:34 PM 

    I will be outraged depending on how hot the women are in the bikini’s…

  17. Lanka Ashford on Tue, 24th Apr 2012 3:19 PM 

    That’s extreme and silly , isn’t it? Maldives, You thrive on tourism; Do you want tourism, or not? You Wanna Chase Tourists?

  18. Ibrahim on Tue, 24th Apr 2012 4:22 PM 

    What about drinking Bonaqua water inside a room with a black tented woman? Double standard by so called religious g
    ! .I wonder if this guy called Muhthalib (MP) is insane or not! certainly his actions say so.

  19. Rationale on Tue, 24th Apr 2012 5:10 PM 

    Nude bathing prohibilted …
    Burugaa bathing encouraged …

  20. Valla Dio on Fri, 27th Apr 2012 5:07 AM 

    Tourists are ugly anyway. Mostly fat Europeans.

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