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Page added on May 5, 2013

Police take 16 year-old girl into custody for “dressing inappropriately”

Police take 16 year-old girl into custody for “dressing inappropriately” thumbnail

A 16 year-old girl was taken into police custody for dressing inappropriately in the capital Male’ this afternoon (May 5).

Police Spokesperson Chief Inspector Hassan Haneef told Minivan News today that the minor was alone in Novelty Bookshop in Male’ when she was taken into custody for wearing a black cocktail dress.

“The societal norms and values of Maldivian culture were violated,” Haneef told Minivan News. “There are laws, which might fall under the Anti-social Behaviour Act.”

The girl was taken into police custody because people were “teasing her on the street,” according to local media.

“The minor was given a police jacket to cover herself and taken to the Family and Child Protection department,” Haneef said.

“Police explained to her about how her dress should be as well as called her parents and advised them regarding this. She was not arrested and is not being charged or penalised. We were not concerned with her dress, just with the nudity. We don’t want [this to go to] court,” he added.

Haneef emphasised that the issue in question was upholding societal norms and values and if anyone witnesses someone violating those standards they should report them to the police.

“If someone is not meeting these expectations they can be arrested, but it is very rare. It depends on a case by case basis,” explained Haneef.

“Anyone can dress with nudity, even in plain clothes, if they are showing any personal, private parts and society does not accept that,” an anonymous police official told Minivan News.

“She was very, very, very, very naked. Her dress was transparent,” the official added.

Pictures of the minor taken by bystanders have flooded social media.

Anti-social behavior act

While the Anti-social Behavior Act in the Maldives lists specific offences that could be considered antisocial behavior, dress codes in public are not dealt with in the law passed by parliament in 2010.

Offences that could be considered anti-social behaviour are specified in articles five through 14 of the law, including harassing people on the streets (article 6(a)).

Other offences include harassing or intimidating neighbours, exhibitionism, damaging personal property, spraying graffiti on walls, putting up posters and banners without permission, playing loud music and leaving garbage bags on the roads.

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57 Comments on "Police take 16 year-old girl into custody for “dressing inappropriately”"

  1. saibot on Sun, 5th May 2013 8:35 PM 

    This reveals the mysogynistic side of police and our government.

    Gangsters go about operating in Male while they intimidate neighborhood residents when they cause a nuisance with their gang activities. Police do nothing about that even when they’re reported, and they offer no protection for the complainants. They will often say they don’t have the resources.

    But the minute a girl wears a cocktail dress the whole police force will be on alert. Police always have resources to arrest people for having sex. But not to deal with gangs who threaten whole neighborhoods.

    Selective law enforcement.

  2. Hassan Ahmed on Sun, 5th May 2013 8:43 PM 

    We don’t believe that minor girls dress was offensive.

  3. Darn on Sun, 5th May 2013 8:56 PM 

    Do not think this is a matter for the police, but 16 is old enough to know what decent is.

    and this article, LOL (typical minivan), is really awesome and should definitely be the article to make headlines (sarcasm). Go back to dailymail you foreigners. Really dont want your ideals in this society

  4. human being on Sun, 5th May 2013 8:58 PM 

    How very predictable are these kuffar! This girl just goes about almost naked and yet they don’t see something amiss with this. Whatever Maldives is this is not West. We are not white either. We have customs and a religion. This is our country too. We will simply not let anarchy take over the streets of Male’. Call us baagees or whatever, but if MDP is really serious about winning elections, it shall stop this drive to defame the country through media.

  5. Shamed to be Maldivian on Sun, 5th May 2013 9:06 PM 

    However you cut this, Maldives is a backward place which oppresses women.

    Firstly regular Maldivians on the street were harassing and shaming this girl on the basis of her clothes.

    And then the Maldivian police had to take the girl into custody rather than upholding the actual law including one about harassing people in public.

    Beginnings of a Theocracy.

  6. Anonymous on Sun, 5th May 2013 9:13 PM 

    In my opinion they did a good thing, And its very obvious people will be teasing her and she will be made fun of. Rather than just watching a minor be offended they did a good thing by covering her up.

  7. Hawke on Sun, 5th May 2013 9:15 PM 

    Theres nothing wrong with that girls dress. If somebody is finding it a disturbance those people need to be examined for mental disabilities. She is within her rights to wear that dress .

  8. Mohamed Naseem on Sun, 5th May 2013 9:16 PM 

    Maldives has got low for dressing hope the court will not sentence for flogging by dressing free thought.

  9. Yo on Sun, 5th May 2013 10:25 PM 

    Stupid girl should wear a full length tent. How can she not expect to get raped by the poor maldivian men who cannot be expected to control themselves when confronted by a bit of female leg.

  10. hassah on Sun, 5th May 2013 10:50 PM 

    Are we slowly changing n to Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan?… wait, we are being ruled by a herd of mullars… woe betide us…

  11. Ahmed on Sun, 5th May 2013 10:57 PM 

    The old religious dictarship is back. We must look like utter idiots to the rest of the world.

  12. Shaz on Sun, 5th May 2013 11:03 PM 

    She was probably reported by Adhaalath’s new citizen based moral police force or Mutaween. No wonder they randomly converged on her like a flash crowd.

    If it stinks like Islamist, then Adhaalath is probably behind it oppressing women.

    Women must stand up against these enforcement of Arab culture. Would not be surprised if women en mass take to the streets dressed to protest these Mullahs and their perverted coup police force.

  13. shakira on Sun, 5th May 2013 11:07 PM 

    @Yo on Sun.. hahaa you pointed it out… and it is not only the women’s legs it is also the foreigner’s money these poor-minded and monkey-looking Maldivan men are running behind….

  14. Rationale on Sun, 5th May 2013 11:33 PM 

    wrong person wearing a wrong dress at a wrong place at a wrong time. She would have easily got away with the dress in the front seat of Olympus in the recent reopening night.

  15. Ahmed on Sun, 5th May 2013 11:36 PM 

    Wearing a black tent is accepted. How does the police know that it’s not the devil inside the black tent?

  16. Abdulla Hussain on Mon, 6th May 2013 12:02 AM 

    @human being: You lie. She is not naked. It is your kind that needs to get a grip on your base desires of the flesh.

    Now do us a favor and cut your parts off so you cant reproduce.

  17. Abdulla Hussain on Mon, 6th May 2013 12:03 AM 

    Also, I recommend the creation of an elite defense force to monitor the muttaween’s activities, and the moment they harass a girl, draw weapons and make it clear that to harass a Maldivian lady is to know death’s embrace.

  18. Mohamed on Mon, 6th May 2013 1:00 AM 

    should i call 119 if i see an “offensive” dress?

  19. Hussain Manik on Mon, 6th May 2013 1:09 AM 

    I fear for the poor girls safety. These Mullahs who preys on innocent young girls to brain wash and then get married to them must be targeting this innocent free soul. If this 8is a lie check each time you see a Mullah with his wife and verify the age of the wife. If she is of the same age as the bearded sheik I ll be surpised. (0 percent Mullahs marry multiple wives less than 19 years of age. This is one advantage of being a Sheik like Imran

  20. dumb and dumber on Mon, 6th May 2013 1:29 AM 

    Its official. The Maldives police is now a Fashion Police!

    Also Haveeru news says police arrests a girl for dressing being ‘nivaakan kuda’ or not covering well. How can Haveeru make a judgement like that. So much for unbiased news.

    Instead haveeru should say the girl failed the dress standards required by law. But is there one?

    Fashion policing is a slippery slope to becoming Iran.

  21. Maaniyamas on Mon, 6th May 2013 1:38 AM 

    Those who comment here in favor of non-muslim dress code should change their muslim names to some Jews or Christian or some “Laadheenee” names!!! heedless arrogants!!!!

  22. Abdulla Hussain on Mon, 6th May 2013 1:53 AM 


    There is no such thing as muslim dress codes or non-muslim dress codes. And almost all Jewish and Christian names are allowed in Maldives.

    Both your points are invalid. Now go blow yourself up. :)

  23. pony on Mon, 6th May 2013 2:59 AM 

    why r the women in the Maldives still sitting and walking around normally as nothing has happened??? Why r they accepting it?

  24. Homosexual on Mon, 6th May 2013 3:31 AM 

    Ah. The moral police. I’ve been expecting this. Excellent. Slowly but surely the Dhivehistanis will start to realise that mullahs are taking away their freedoms. That’s when the Revolutionaries will come out and behead the bearded freaks, just like the French clergy got gullitoned. In celebration I will sacrifice to Eris and Nemesis tonight.

  25. Mohamed on Mon, 6th May 2013 3:31 AM 


    Why do you guys ALWAYS go to the Jews and the Christiansand call them laadheenee.

    Christiand and Jews are people who also followed prophets sent by Allah. To be a muslim we have to acknowledge all the prophets that were sent before Muhammadh Peace be Upon Him.

    You are being being xenophobic and racist calling them laadheenee.

    As for your inference that Christian and Jews have low moral values, you need to travel more and read more, yiour ignorance is embarrassing.

    And can you tell us what is this muslim dress that is prescribed in the Quraan? I cant find any reference to a dress code in the Quraan except that women have to cover their private parts and dress with modesty.

  26. Mon on Mon, 6th May 2013 4:21 AM 

    @ Maaniyamas on Mon, 6th May 2013 1:38 AM

    Exactly, just like the way traitor coup leader Waheed (who claims to be a Muslim) has named his son Jeffery. And what do you have to say about Waheed’s nudist daughter who believes in god Kaali Ma (Black Mother). Waheed planned to kill Gayoom and innocent Maldivians by blowing bombs in Male right after returning to Male’ with his Phd. In these acts of terror many Maldivian’s properties were set on fire long long time ago. And now some Maldivians (not knowing about this) are wishing to elect this devil to the presidency for a 5 year term. Just look at the pics and vids of state brutality against citizens since he came into power. CAN WAHEED BE A MUSLIM after all these?

  27. Mon on Mon, 6th May 2013 4:33 AM 

    One more thing, Waheed’s current spoke’s person Masood Imad was involved in the bombings at that time and was convicted too. On 07 Feb 2012, this Masood Imad’s son, Akko, is seen to lead the terrorist act of setting on fire (arson) inside the MDP’s then camp called Haruge. The pictures, witnesses and videos are all there. Masood Imad’s ex-wife (mother of Akko) is serving jail sentence in Sri Lanka on a drug trafficking offense. Some reports that she’s gone insane in there and yet this Masood or his sons never makes a visit. A BUNCH OF HEARTLESS TERRORISTS! And so are the rest of the gang who’ve overthrown an elected government by the people.

    The current government BY THE TRAITORS & JUST FOR THE TRAITORS. No jobs or opportunities WILL be given to anyone against them. ALL THE TOP THIEVES AND WHITE-COLLAR CRIMINALS ARE IN GOVERNANCE. But all of them claims to be Muslims. :)

  28. Adrian on Mon, 6th May 2013 4:36 AM 

    Maaniyamas: why arent u riding a ‘muslim’ vehicle? a camel would do u better than that non-muslim motor bike. Why just the dress? Mullas r mixed up between religion and arab culture and they still dont know it.

  29. Seriously? on Mon, 6th May 2013 4:45 AM 

    It’s her choice what she choses to wear. Stop using women’s bodies as political tools

  30. human being on Mon, 6th May 2013 6:33 AM 

    @Abdulla Hussain
    Is that all you can come up with? I thought there would be some references to camels 6th century, backwardness, terrorism…? where are those words?
    Most dumb kaafirs write those words to reply back to muslims, maybe to get better SEO rankings? Please update your reply with the words above.
    salaan galaan

  31. Turrican on Mon, 6th May 2013 6:47 AM 

    “Non-Muslim Dress”? Why does absolutely everything have to come down to religion with some of you guys? Which bit of the Quran mentions cocktail dresses then?

    What gives you the right to control other people? Oh yeah, your imaginary friend in the sky. It’s really quite pathetic.

  32. Egon on Mon, 6th May 2013 7:05 AM 

    @hussain manik – spot on ! That’s exactly the hidden agenda of becoming a mullah !

  33. Wives and Concubines on Mon, 6th May 2013 8:08 AM 

    I’m glad the police took her in. If she had been out there like that, the sexually frustrated Maldivians would have raped her on the spot. They are degenerate sub-human filth because they can’t control their sexual urges.

    For the people saying this girl’s ‘naked’…….how? Right, so you say this girl is naked, and the next minute, you’re watching naked white women having sex on the internet. Hypocrisy at its best.

  34. my view on Mon, 6th May 2013 9:09 AM 

    i heard, in Maumoon’s regime, a woman arrested for the reason wearing a fully covered black dress (hijaab).
    And the girl arrested now should be advised first of all and release her with a condition, not to expose her in public again.

  35. moron on Mon, 6th May 2013 9:24 AM 

    It is amazing why Maldivian women dress up like black tents. Maldivian women don’t seem covering up their bodies as part of religious duty. You can lure any Maldivian women to indulge in sex without any religious restriction. Their brain is not conditioned to refrain from religious restrictions or abiding religious obligation. So one has to ponder why these women are so easily covering up like Ninjas. It has to be some psychological factor. One can speculate, probably it is their look, may be the Maldivian women are low self esteem, insecure and they feel they are ugly and the best way to be comfortable about their look is to hide and cover it up either by make up or bandage like mummies. Or is it may be something to do with men. May be Maldivian men are still in the primitive form, they don’t admire women by their beauty it is all comes from sex urge for reproduction. It seems Maldivian men like women in black tents and they claim women are more attractive when they roam around in black tents. Therefore it is obvious that this has to be something to do with animal instinct rather than religious mambo jumbo.
    Or maybe it is due to misogynistic nature of Maldivian society, average Maldivian man cannot tolerate women doing anything that could be seen as a freedom to women. Maldivian conception of female body anatomically is that the female body is derogatory in nature. This is all due to the backwardness and ignorance, if they look at both sex with fair mind, they can see that men and women have noting difference as far as their out body structure is concerned. Men have hanging stuff below and women above, men have one hole for shitting and pissing and women also have the same numbers of holes may be one hole bit bigger.

  36. Ahmed on Mon, 6th May 2013 10:08 AM 

    @Maaniyamas For you religion is about a name and a language? How dheenee of you.

  37. faaru on Mon, 6th May 2013 10:17 AM 

    dear all,bet more than 70% of you have watched online porn yet everyone have some thing to say. please correct you self before talking about others..

  38. kobakoba on Mon, 6th May 2013 11:03 AM 

    Yes..heres a question… men and women are born with urges. sexual urges. Would you go have sex/unsafe sex or rather do it your self? none of them comes in religion but a sadistic or whatever you call it humor says that ‘doing it urself’ is better than having the sex which you know well how is in our religion. Yes the gal is wearing short dress.. but doesnt our religion tell us not to look twice? or the second time?so how many have failed religion this time? first off, being a muslim country, it should have laws about dress up and cover up.. if it doesnt, then this gal is free. police have no right to take her like that. But you know what? PIRATES WILL BE PIRATES. WE ARE BORN PIRATES among the INDIAN OCEAN and our blood runs among the tamils, the sinhala, the portugese, BRITISH, etc etc..have i missed any barbaric nation?

  39. Wives and Concubines on Mon, 6th May 2013 12:15 PM 


    I never knew there were ‘muslim’ names. Only arab names. You do know that names like Abdullah existed way before Muhammed in arabia right?

  40. Amitabh on Mon, 6th May 2013 12:25 PM 


    ehe.kewl,just add Arabs.
    even we muslims know that the final prophet arose from the land of jaahiliya,its in their blood and it is most likely from there that the last suffiyani will come as a curse for their treatment of the prophet’s family!doesnt have to be an American president.Those who know the truth and do evil are the worst!They see the truth with only one eye!Hypocrites..

  41. T1HE SiTH on Mon, 6th May 2013 1:02 PM 

    It it just me or are a handful of people commenting under different names. So uncivilized are Maldivians in general. Consider our youth- a bunch of sun glazed albeit stylish underachievers. This is just coconut-drivel I tell you. And the pen-ultimate discourse of Christian America and Europe has also been teleported here. We wish the benevolent folk of Dives-raajje greater fortitude and Wisdom further [Amen]. I copied this from somewhere by the way.

  42. proud to be Maldivian on Mon, 6th May 2013 3:18 PM 

    @T1HE SiTH


  43. Amber on Mon, 6th May 2013 3:47 PM 

    I’m gonna call the popo everytime I see an offensive dress. Hey maybe they can become the fashion police. Why not arrest the assholes harassing her? Slut Shaming. TSK TSK. They can wear what ever they want but the Adaalath party higher ups can’t digest that. They need to make sure everyone dresses like a Shadow so that they cant secretly jerk off to everything. What a bunch of baboons.

  44. Jabir the Hutt on Mon, 6th May 2013 5:11 PM 

    To any free-thinking, non-brainwashed individual, the decision to detain the young girl is simply ridiculous.

    However, Maldives is not like other countries in the west, east, north or south, and these are the laws/societal norms practiced here.

    People can criticise all they like, but it’s up to Maldivians to make their decisions on how they want their country to be run. If they are happy for actions like this to take place, then who are we to tell them otherwise.

    They must take to the streets and protests against it, should they want change.

  45. rahul on Mon, 6th May 2013 6:02 PM 

    btw, with this story all over the social media one picture that i came across had a couple of lady’s, probably from the europe or north america, all topless and chanting to fuc* our (muslims) morals and the same written on boards. …and then i just wondered, if we were to really fuc* our morals some of them/you/us would be dead by now!

  46. Aminath on Mon, 6th May 2013 6:23 PM 

    Hats off t the girl! You are brave, very proud of you!

  47. Shavir Hashim on Mon, 6th May 2013 6:56 PM 

    They arrested the 16 year-old girl for dressing “inappropriately” while the people who harassed her roams free? Hilarious!

  48. hiyvaru on Mon, 6th May 2013 7:04 PM 

    The irony and the truth of the matter of Female religious adherence to dressing from a religious Maldivian Male expectations are:

    ###Women & girls are wearing funky Buruqaas

    ###With tights that look bondage on their asses, with only satisfaction that their colorful G-String panties are visible from there backs to attain some notice

    ###With Padding, that is more than is required in a space suite, in their Bras so that their Buruqaas are moving away from their chest

    ###With their nails covered ever so colorfully with ridiculous heels shoes or slippers

    How barbaric depraved and un-Muslim our Maldivian male comrades views and attitudes of Women-Girls are coming to be.

  49. Chris O on Mon, 6th May 2013 8:59 PM 

    Judging from the hateful comments here against Westerners I don’t think I’ll ever visit the Maldives. I’ll go somewhere nice instead…

  50. proud to be Maldivian on Mon, 6th May 2013 9:31 PM 


    You guys worship the sun,Our’s is the land of the sun(u know equator?) this is the land where the three waters meet,this is the south whcih you guys are so fascinated about,we know what your sun-bathing is about even if your youngsters don’ guys worshipped the sun and the planets and if even scriptures r sent to you u- cant stop your ancient practices,what are you telling us?? somthing the budhda didnt tell us? something Guru Nayak didn’t tell us,mouidheen Chisti didnt tell us? somthing tagore didnt tell us? dont wanna come plz don’t,we have the sea ,the fish,the wind the ,the sun ,the rain.and we have FAITH!thank you for all your help!May G-D bless You!

  51. maaku on Tue, 7th May 2013 12:46 AM 

    Ridiculous laws

  52. DMF on Tue, 7th May 2013 2:06 AM 

    proud to be Maldivian on Mon, 6th May 2013 9:31 PM

    You have faith? You have a twisted version of Islam that doesn’t follow the true teachings of the Prophet.

    Incidentally where will your faith get you when the tourist stop coming, when the west stops giving you aid and where the hell will you go when the ocean waters rise and your island wont ever see sunlight again? Sure your faith will save you then, i think not, but please don’t expect your masters in Saudi to accept you with open arms unless you are paying for the privilege of visiting Mecca.

  53. MissIndia NewDelhi on Tue, 7th May 2013 2:57 AM 

    So what is ‘appropriate dress’ in Maldives?…..the ridiculous Saudi style abaya? This shroud like garment should not be imposed on women in the twenty first century.
    This girl should move to a civilised country like India…..where she can wear what the hell she likes.
    You dumb morons need to get a life.

  54. Damn on Tue, 7th May 2013 9:51 AM 

    @missindia Newdhelhi
    Uhm.. you come from a depraved society of rapists, and I really would not recommend a girl, let alone any species of female mammal to go to your country, dressed in a tent or otherwise

  55. Kurinbee Bodu Gaa on Tue, 7th May 2013 10:54 AM 

    Wow I also got excited after seeing the gal. No wonder some people’s carnal desires are aroused after sighting a coke bottle!!

  56. Ben Plewright on Tue, 7th May 2013 3:20 PM 

    If the leaders souls were afflicted with the fire of Mercy for the oppressed and suffering as much as their groinds are afflicted by the fire of jealous rage for the control of Young Women, Maldives REALLY would be heaven!

    I want to see leaders who feel much more pain for the poor, oppressed and the sick than the pain they feel when their sexual desires are aroused and denied.

  57. Ben Plewright on Tue, 7th May 2013 3:21 PM 

    That is, it is very hard to believe their motive for arresting this Young Girl is genuine care for her welfare.

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