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Page added on February 27, 2013

Rape victims punished, failed by Maldives justice system

Rape victims punished, failed by Maldives justice system thumbnail

The Maldives court on Tuesday sentenced a 15 year-old girl to 100 lashes and eight months’ house arrest, for having pre-marital sex with a man.

At any given time in the Maldives, thousands of female tourists are on the country’s beaches in bikinis, with their male counterparts. Many of them are straight and gay couples, married or unmarried, enjoying sex on rose petal-covered beds in water bungalows. For them, this chain of islands with white beaches and blue shimmering waters is a short escape to heaven.

While they enjoy a piece of paradise on a luxury resort vacation, just a few miles away 300,000 locals face the grim reality of a struggling democracy and increasingly radicalised interpretation of Islam.

Women and girls are bearing the brunt of this. Calling it sheer hypocrisy would be a gross understatement.

The 15 year-old girl  is from Feydhoo island in Shaviyani Atoll, one of the 200 remote islands in the country with less than a thousand inhabitants. She was arrested last year on the island, when police discovered a dead newborn buried in an outdoor shower area in the yard of the house. The investigation uncovered a disturbing yet common reality in the capital and isolated islands of Maldives: sexual abuse.

The girl’s stepfather had been raping her for years. Her mother assisted this gruesome abuse by turning a blind eye and deaf ear to her pain and cries. When the girl became pregnant as a result of rape, they pulled her out of school afraid that the community would find out the family’s dark secret. They waited patiently for nine months, and killed and buried the newborn after delivery.

Soon after the baby’s body was dug up, the parents were arrested and charged with murder and abuse of a minor.

While any authority with professionalism and common sense would be expected to protect a child who has suffered such horrifying abuse and provide help of a psychologist, the Maldives police and prosecutors had a different plan.

On the contrary, the girl was arrested, interrogated and charged with fornication within a few months by the authorities. They claimed that she had confessed to having consensual sex with another man – not the stepfather. The identity of this man, who has not stood up, been found, arrested or charged to this date, remains a mystery.

And yesterday, despite the ongoing debates challenging the legitimacy in pursuing fornication charges against victims of child sexual abuse, the court issued its ruling to flog the girl 100 times. A conviction against her abusive step father, and neglectful mother is still pending.

This case is just the latest in a series of unashamed attempts by the Maldivian Sharia-Common Law based judicial system to punish sexual abuse victims, instead of providing protection and justice.

While, several in and outside the country are taking to the social media to condemn this ruling as morally wrong, cruel, degrading, and a violation of human rights and protection guaranteed to children and victims of sexual abuse under national and international laws, the police who arrested her, the PG office that charged her and the court which sentenced her have not even flinched.

In fact, shortly after reversing its decision to withdraw the fornication charges, the Prosecutor General stated that they have found “no substantial reason to withdraw the charges” and allowed the trial to continue. They repeatedly emphasised the case is “unrelated to the rape”. Furthermore, both the PG and courts repeatedly defended the decision in media, claiming that there is nothing illegal or wrong in this case.

Under Sharia Law, both men and women – adult and children alike – can be punished with 100 lashes and house arrest if they are found guilty of having pre marital sex or adultery. Of course, the tourists are exempted – they are free to have sex, eat pork or drink alcohol as much as they wish, on islands designated as “uninhabited”.

Flogging is the one remaining Islamic Sharia penalties that continues to be practiced in Maldives, despite the century old moratorium on other Shaira penalties such as stoning, capital punishment and cutting off hands. UN Human Right’s Commissioner Navi Pillay and other international organisation’s calls for the moratorium of flogging have been rejected by current and past governments, amid mass protests from conservative factions of society.

As with any other Sharia offence, fornication is only proved with a confession or four witnesses. Notably, ninety percent of those flogged are women, accordig to the 2011 Judicial statistics report. It revealed that out of the 129 sentenced to 100 lashes, 11 were minors – 10 girls and one boy.

However, in 2010, the parliament passed a legislation to prevent corporal punishment  of children in sexual related offences and provide stringent punishments for child abusers, as a response to curb the widespread cases of incest and child molestation in the Maldives: one in seven children is reported to be a victim of sexual abuse. The legislation for the first time paved an easy road for the prosecution of child sexual abuse cases by reducing the Sharia-based burden of proof, which otherwise makes it impossible to prove the sexual offences without a confession or four witnesses.

This legislation, as part of the common law practiced alongside Sharia, set the precedent that no child below 13 can consent to sex and that any sexual relations will be deemed as child abuse. The same law also adds in clause 25 that no child between 13 – 17 can consent to sex either ,”unless proven otherwise”.

It must be noted that hundreds of children have been protected under this law, and several child rapists and abusers have been put behind bars for decades since it came into effect. However, in this specific case, the authorities report that the girl confessed to having consensual sexual relations, and that therefore it cannot be treated as a case of abuse.

But what is highly questionable is the failure by the state to provide a motive that can justify pressing charges against an abused victim, especially a child, with utter disregard to the mental trauma she has suffered in an endless cycle of abuse.

In the past, the court had sentenced a man for abusing a 16 year-old girl. However, the same girl was sentenced to 100 lashes and house arrest after being found guilty of confessing to having consensual sex with the same man who was found to have abused her. This conflicting ruling, stands out as clear evidence that fornication charges against minors in sexual abuse cases are being pursued by authorities, simply because its legally possible to do so with a confession, regardless of whether the victim is abused or not.

In the face of growing international pressure over such incidents, the government claimed in media that it would review and “correct” laws that victimise young women and minors who have suffered sexual abuse. However, no information was made public of any such attempts apart from this public condemnation.

Another issue worth noting is also the significantly low rape convictions in cases where the rape victim is an adult. Annual judicial statistics report show that in past three years, zero cases of rape have reached a positive verdict. This year alone, three rape cases have been reported,while 1 in 3 women aged between 15 – 49 are found to be victim of physical or sexual abuse - a statistic that is a reminder of a justice system that is failing women in every way possible.

According to Human Rights Lawyer Mohamed Anil, rape is defined as ‘forced fornication’ in the currently practiced outdated laws. The aforementioned legislation provides special provisions in child abuse cases, however, he explained, rape and sexual assault victims aged 18 or above, are denied justice because of the Sharia’s burden of proof – confession of the rapist or four male witnesses – is required to prove fornication, whether forced or consensual.

A state prosecutor once commented that proving rape is “next to impossible” despite the most prudent investigations, because the only two kinds of admissible evidence is never available. Both lawyers have said that this cannot be changed unless the amended penal code – which includes rape as an offence-  is passed by the parliament, where it had been stuck for more than half a decade.

Alternatively, the parliament could pass the sexual offences bill submitted by MP Mohamed Nasheed. This bill defines actions to be taken against specific types of sexual offences, including rape, spousal rape, prostitution, sexual trafficking, bestiality and incest etc. While submitting the bill, Nasheed echoed the immense need for an updated legislation to deal with the modern day sexual offences to bridge the shortcomings, especially related to proof and evidence and leniency in the current legal structure.

Meanwhile, in recent years reports of infanticide and baby dumping have increased to alarming levels, as women and underage girls – including those who become pregnant as a consequence of rape – are forced to take desperate measures, such as self-induced abortions, infanticide or leaving babies abandoned. Such was the case with the 15 year old girl in question.

With an unforgiving system and laws stating that is a punishable offence to give birth outside of marriage, driven by a thirst to punish the victims rather than protect them, victims find themselves alone, helpless and forced to remain silent.

These are just a small fraction of the many deep-rooted gender issues in the justice system of Maldives, that ripple outward from the branches of justice system into the entire society.

In her recent visit to Maldives, UN Special Rapporteur on the independence of judges and lawyers issued a statement in which she commented “all members of the justice system should be sensitised to gender equality and women’s rights to make access to justice a reality for women in the Maldives.”

She also also expressed concern over low representation of women in the judiciary. There are currently no women sitting on the Supreme Court and only eight women sitting in the High Court, the Superior Courts and the Magistrate Courts. It is arguable that the gender issues in the system are arising due to lack of a diverse representation in the court benches and decision-making bodies.

When women and girls are stripped off their dignity and rights for having sex or being raped, it is not an issue that can be simply ignored. Meaningful action is needed by the authorities to remove the gender issues through legal and structural reforms, and prevent the culture of impunity currently enjoyed by sadistic perpetrators such as rapists and child molesters.

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115 Comments on "Rape victims punished, failed by Maldives justice system"

  1. T on Wed, 27th Feb 2013 5:26 PM 

    Congratulations! Hawwa Lubna!

    Brilliant piece leaving Maldivians no dignified civilised alternative but to ape the Western model.
    The Western statistics indeed show us in Black & White what these beautiful islands lack. 

    What would we do? Where would we be?-  without such moral visionaries as these Hawwa Lubna types & the Nasheed types?

    Long live Hawwa! Long live Nasheed! Down with all else! ??? :-)

    P. S
    We really do have Sex related problems! 
    Unwanted pregnancies,
    Single moms & Broken families 
    Domestic Violence,

    Thank you Hawwa Lubna for highlighting these problems listed above  in our society that affects in the first instance – tens of hundreds of children – both born & unborn, & offers so much hope for lost lives of children & offers a solution to broken homes & the pain children face as a result.

  2. Shaz on Wed, 27th Feb 2013 5:28 PM 

    I wish I could help this child. She was raped for years by her step-dad and his friends while her mother looked on. The villagers of her Island kept reporting this case to the authorities since 2009. Nothing was done.

    She got pregnant at around the age of 13. And her baby was killed last year in June.

    She’s now being accused of having consensual sex. THIS IS A MINOR. THIS IS A CHILD. HAVE YOU NO SHAME?

    Her family failed her, the society failed her, the judiciary failed her and the government of Maldives along with president Dr. Waheed failed her.

    She is now being raped by the government of Maldives.

    It’s time someone took a military team and rescued her from these sadist afghan educated barbarians.

  3. Jayen on Wed, 27th Feb 2013 6:45 PM 

    Dear Sir
    This is indeed a case that this 15 year old girl is victimised many times. In this instance by the very state “Maldives” that is supposed to provide protection for her.
    It is high time that the law is amended to punish the criminal i.e. the father of the child.

  4. human being on Wed, 27th Feb 2013 8:36 PM 

    To the umpteenth time! This ‘minor’ was prosecuted not for the rape case or the murder case related to her step father (whoever the monster was). But for another consensual relation with ANOTHER man or whatever. Everyone here seems to get carried away in an imagination trailer where muslims are alledgedly mistreating a rape victim just because our religion says so. But does the westerners and maldivian-wannabe-westerners gave a thought about what islamic sharia have for rape victims and rape offenders? The answer would be no. The majority of people are still too lazy to make an effort to learn about islam and join ignorant kuffar on an islam bashing just becasuse the kuffar said it, the west said it, the UN said it….
    sad but its true

  5. Uh Dho on Wed, 27th Feb 2013 8:45 PM 

    Maldives should definitely start Friday stonings at the football stadium. Bring the family and some short eats and make a day of it! Or even better, make the stone throwing a game at skippy for everyone to enjoy!

  6. Uh Dho on Wed, 27th Feb 2013 8:50 PM 

    Human Being, I’m going to copy/past my rant from the other article for you.

    She actually didn’t break the law because she is a child. She was raped by her father and raped by the man that she supposedly had consensual sex with.
    Doesn’t the law say that anyone under 17 is considered a minor (child) and therefore can’t consent/agree to sex with an adult?
    So if a man has sex with a 10 year old girl, and the girl admits that it was consensual, she is also a criminal? Is a 5 year old able to consent? 14 year old? 2 year old? Or is the idea that all females are whores from birth and therefore the concept of rape is impossible?
    Why do you crackpot fundamentalists make your wives wear burqas and then dress your 4 year old girls like miniature prostitutes? Your women are covered while the little girls are wearing make-up, party dresses and jewelry.
    You can criticize the west all you want. But it doesn’t change that fact that you are still a rapist and a pedophile if you have sex with a minor. Even if her daddy dressed her up like a whore.

  7. Uh Dho on Wed, 27th Feb 2013 8:54 PM 

    And one more human being! She is being punished for consensual fornication with an adult. Why isn’t the man being punished? That is the issue for me. Although my crazy western mind still thinks it’s disgusting for an adult man to have sex with a 13 year old girl.

    This legislation, as part of the common law practiced alongside Sharia, set the precedent that no child below 13 can consent to sex and that any sexual relations will be deemed as child abuse. The same law also adds in clause 25 that no child between 13 – 17 can consent to sex either ,”unless proven otherwise”.
    So there’s my answer, you are officially a whore at age 13 in Maldives. Sorry, I should have researched more thoroughly. Sex with a 12 year old is rape, but sex with a 13 year old is consensual. Because we all know that teenagers are capable of making sound decisions about their life and can’t possibly be influenced by an adult.
    I’m assuming the “unless proven otherwise” part is where the girl in this case got screwed (pun intended). She admitted to consenting which makes her a criminal and not a victim.
    But again, why hasn’t the man been identified, prosecuted and punished as well? Her statements are enough to incriminate herself but not the man? I don’t quite understand how that works. More proof is needed for the man to be prosecuted but she is automatically guilty.
    It must be nice being a Maldivian man. Any time a crime is committed, blame it on the woman or closest Bangladeshi. Meanwhile you get to sit in a cafe drinking coffee and smoking cigs while they’re being punished. It’s good to be the king!

  8. Darren on Wed, 27th Feb 2013 9:00 PM 

    This story makes me ashamed to be a man!
    I’ve always planned to visit the Maldives but do I want to spend my hard earned cash in a place where women or my wife and daughters could be treated like this?
    I can only assume that the young women are being forced into confessing to having consensual sex and how many rapes are going unreported due to what can happen to the victim?

  9. human being on Wed, 27th Feb 2013 9:01 PM 

    @Uh Dho.
    The man is just a coward, so he did not own up his part in the crime. So that’s the problem of the man not the system.

  10. human being on Wed, 27th Feb 2013 9:05 PM 

    This girl was not forced in to confessing anything. where did you get the forced confession story line?

  11. aisha on Wed, 27th Feb 2013 9:14 PM 

    “When women and girls are stripped off their dignity and rights for having sex or being raped,”
    Sorry but it says women are stripped off their rights for being raped, last i checked NO ONE has the ‘right’ to be raped??
    plus this ‘news’ article is heavily biased.

  12. Uh Dho on Wed, 27th Feb 2013 9:18 PM 

    human being-
    No, it makes the system a farce and women haters like you a joke. People like you are the ones who give Islam (and all other organized religions) a bad name.
    The girl admitted to having sex with the man. Authorities (the system) know who he is and are choosing not to prosecute because he is a man. Sharia law hates women and punishes them more than men committing the same crime, that is the issue.
    Why are women punished for consensual premarital sex and/or adultery but not men? Please explain to me why Sharia law considers women more guilty than men?

  13. human being on Wed, 27th Feb 2013 9:59 PM 

    @Uh Dho
    Sharia is not a person. Its a system of law. As such it doesnt hate or love people, do bussiness, or interact with people. Nor does it eat or move like living things…

    But you are raising an important question. An elementary objection usual kuffar(unbelievers) throw at muslims all the time. The answer is also equally elementary. Just come down from your imaginary ivory tower of self righteousness and think like an average person. 1.6 billion people cannot be fools. Nor can that amount of people love a system of law that hates their other and better half.

  14. Ahmed Bin Addu Bin Suvadheeb on Wed, 27th Feb 2013 10:07 PM 

    So, now Mr Waheed has deemed that “MY” government can after all interfere with the judicial system of Maldives. He has now said, that “MY” government will try to intervene in the case of the child who is facing this sentence.

    Whilst this child is obviously at the receiving end of the most diabolical and dysfunctional justice system in the world (apart from lawless states), so far Mr Waheed has maintained that “MY” government couldn’t interfere with the “independent” judiciary. Many a citizen, young and old have been at the mercy of this system for centuries.

    How convenient is it then, when international outcry reaches fever pitch, “MY” government can indeed interfere!

  15. Melody on Wed, 27th Feb 2013 10:07 PM 

    The issue is bunch of DUMB-HEADS ruling this place!!!!! punishing a rape VICTIM is absolute injustice!!!!
    And instead of punishing the rapist, why is the victim being punished????
    I would love to know which holy book these people are following, that is teaching them to punish the innocent victims instead of the criminals!!! I hope America does something about this NON-SENSE that is going on in this place!!!!!!! feel terrible for all those victims who are in the hands of these WICKED RULERS!!!

  16. Martine on Wed, 27th Feb 2013 10:44 PM 

    Is this man arrested for murder of the baby? Is murder not a capital crime in this country?

  17. Yuck on Wed, 27th Feb 2013 10:50 PM 

    What a disgusting story. Sharia law = barbarians. We should have just as strict of embargoes against countries that use it as we do with Cuba.

  18. Uh Dho on Wed, 27th Feb 2013 11:16 PM 

    I know what Sharia is, thank you. It is a system of law RUN BY MEN. And yes, this system of law (Sharia) was written and is interpreted and enforced by men in the name of religion.
    Sharia was created by men who don’t consider women as equal human beings. Women are systematically oppressed by these rules that you claim to be full of love.
    I don’t care how many people believe it. I’m pretty sure more than 1.6 billion people eat pork in this world. If you go by numbers, how can they all be wrong? And if you think that Sharia is fair and unbiased, yes you are a fool. No worries for you though, you’re a man.

  19. Hathim on Wed, 27th Feb 2013 11:21 PM 

    @Human being for gods sake stop talking about religion and trying to justify this bloody stupid sentence that will victimise the victim again. does it seem logical to you that in one case she is a minor in the other she is supposed to have consented to having sex? We don’t know since when that bloody step father has been raping her, the mental and physical damage it must have done to her.and when during the investigation they found out there had been another sexual act she is being punished for it? Where the hell is that bloody man and how the hell did he think it was ok to have sex with a child? Why is that in 90 percent of the cases it’s the women who get flogged in Maldives? They can’t be having sex on their own can they?you and other nitwits out there tarnish the name of our beautiful religion and try to pass off such travesties as religious obligations. Take your head out of the sand and use your god given brain to think.

  20. Maldivian Man on Wed, 27th Feb 2013 11:24 PM 

    @human being

    Your so-called shari’a law serves to protect the criminal while punishing the victims. It is obsolete and deserving of obliteration. Do us all a favor and go back to the heroin cesspits of pakistan and afghanistan from which you came from.

    And if you call yourself a muslim, shame on you.

  21. Maldivian Man on Wed, 27th Feb 2013 11:24 PM 

    And furthermore, if you call all muslims in the world rapists, then shame on you again.

  22. Reader of the Good Book(s) on Wed, 27th Feb 2013 11:26 PM 

    Islam’s defenders, here, to date present themselves as idiots and their own religion as an example of pathetic, childish buffoonery.

    Yep, that’s a challenge, the implicit insult.

    Defenders of Islam, you are challenged to step up to the plate in your religion’s defence. Please, do be sure to read this entire bombast, in particular the specific requirement in the final para, before composing your response. I doubt that you will make one, however. But, I’m certain that most of our readers would be grateful were you to come clean on your religion’s tenets regarding the rape of children.

    There are a few other points of clarification needed, too, of course, but we can return to those later. Let’s just stick to child rape and Islam’s rules regarding it for now.

    A practicing Muslim can assert — presumably with a straight face — that his religion would endorse punishing anyone for “consenting” to be raped? That is anyone, but especially a female minor? Gimme a break, bearded ones; gimme a break!

    Lez see if we have that correct — a female minor, who can “consent” to nothing legal because she is a minor and therefore not yet legally authorized to “consent” to anything legal, can, however, be prosecuted for “consenting” to being the victim of an illegal act while a minor?

    Doesn’t it strike anyone as strange that we never/never/never see any Imam so-an’-so on any/any/any public website ever/ever/ever so much as mumbling that, well, Islam does indeed think it wrong that women, even female minor “women” should be raped?

    Isn’t it strange that never even once/ever/not one single time has an Imam (or whatever they call themselves) ever, even one single time, come on this website to ever/ever officially or even informally, counter the absurd nonsense one encounters here?

    Have you ever/ever seen an Imam come on line to set out clearly what his religion’s beliefs are with respect to rape of a minor? Or, to anything else substantive, for that matter? Ever?

    Surely, somewhere, sometime this must/must have happened? Surely, there is out there somewhere a radical (and still frocked) Islamic mouthpiece willing to state upfront, and in no uncertain terms, whatever is he believes to be his own religion’s beliefs regarding such issues as, well, rape of a minor?

    Yes, you’re right, this is a challenge to any of the mickey mouse (but officially recognized) Islamic clerics reading this to come on line, now, today, right here, and lay out precisely and exactly what is his religion’s rules are regarding rape of a minor.

    Oh, and there is one rule to be understood — if you identify yourself as an Imam or otherwise qualified to speak authoritatively on behalf of your religion, understand, up front, that you will be quoted elsewhere on your understanding of your religion’s understanding of what constitutes “rape” and exactly who does and does not qualify for classification as a “minor” and a rape “victim” under your/your religion.

    And here is an interesting wrinkle for the challenge – perhaps you’d feel man enough to comment on whether a male minor, too, can be charged with consensual rape of himself? And, if not, why not? Would that be because males can’t be raped?

    But, if sex with a minor isn’t rape, then just what the hell is it?

    Let’s go! I’m all eyes and look forward to some straight talk from our Muslim brethren. It’s long past due.

  23. Uh Dho on Wed, 27th Feb 2013 11:37 PM 

    And for the record, I’m not afraid to call a spade a spade. I am an American and atheist. I have just as many criticisms for my government and other organized religions. I think drone attacks are wrong. I think the U.S. shouldn’t invade sovereign nations for economic benefit. I don’t believe in torture as a way to gather information or fight war. And I’m not afraid to make these criticisms about my own country. And the list can go on and on, corrupt banks, lobbyists, politicians, crazy gun nuts, fundamentalist Mormons (you would like those guys!),etc.
    So don’t for a second think that I’m being self righteous because I don’t believe that grown men should have sex with 13 year old girls. I think that a system of law that protects rapists and pedophiles is disgusting. But you are entitled to your own opinion of course.

  24. TY on Thu, 28th Feb 2013 12:29 AM 

    The girl grew up in that society. She knew what would happen if she admits to having consensual sex. She is old enough to understand everything. No way she voluntarily admitted to having consensual relation. She must have been forced somehow. And it does not take much to get a confession from an abused, scared 15 year-old, who had been raped, gave birth, and witnessed her parents kill her child!

  25. Martin Hollands on Thu, 28th Feb 2013 12:31 AM 

    I would imagine that after al those years of abuse she would be unable to work out what was correct and proper and what wasn’t. If being raped and abused by her step father happened as the norm without her mother preventing it, is it surprising that she didn’t realise that sex with others was not appropriate.

    Shame on those that sentenced her.

  26. Ann Connue on Thu, 28th Feb 2013 1:15 AM 

    Someone please explain to “human being” that a child who has been sexually abused has undergone extreme mental TRAUMA. It is established that children who are exposed to this kind of abuse do not have normal sexual behavior. She may have been promiscuous because this is what feels comfortable to her. She is a victim, and this punishment is completely out of line.

  27. Lloyd on Thu, 28th Feb 2013 1:36 AM 

    This is horrific. I have been to the Maldives and am shocked to read this disgusting story. Poor child. Laws need to protect her. Her mother hasn’t. Who is there now to guard over her? No future protection, terrified of those around her and sticking to what they are telling her to say! I wish that some good Samaritan reads this and decides to set up a sanctuary for kids like to be looked after seeing as no-one around them can be trusted. The people responsible must have a gut wrenching conscience. You sad evil beings.

  28. Maggi Howell MBE on Thu, 28th Feb 2013 1:45 AM 

    The only way to get justice for children in this child’s situation is an international awareness campaign to encourage people to vote with their wallet and not book holidays in the Maldives. I suspect that the law will be changed rather quickly if that happens. I will certainly ensure that everyone I know will be aware.

  29. barbie on Thu, 28th Feb 2013 2:22 AM 

    This is crazy!!!!! How can a child be punished, don’t you think the actually act was punishing enough!!! this world is getting out of hand with blaming women and children- where, MEN do you come from?? a women!!!
    wow this is why the good lord has put on my heart to help with these issues, going to school for social work.

  30. MKow on Thu, 28th Feb 2013 4:08 AM 

    Anyone with a moral conscience would be horrified at a “system of Justice” that punishes women and let’s a criminal perpetrator who is male get off scot free. All western nations should boycott travel to any country who’s “justice system” is this screwed up and bigoted against any 1 race, sex or creed. The powers that be in these countries need to know that what they are doing is not acceptable in a “civilized” world.

    These pigs make the Republicons war on women look like a debating society function.

  31. A Female on Thu, 28th Feb 2013 4:33 AM 

    It does not matter if she had sex with another MAN~ she was under the age of consent, so this other sexual encounter should be considered RAPE also, because a CHILD does not consent to SEXUAL INTERCOURSE with an ADULT. So, this other adult male that RAPED this child, why has he not been arrested? Who is he? Why did the authorities not charge him with raping the child also? Instead they arrest and convict the CHILD. It breeds a society that makes it okay to RAPE a child as long as it is not your child or your spouses child???

  32. Lea on Thu, 28th Feb 2013 4:57 AM 

    It’s hard to read this story – disgust and revulsion aren’t pleasant feelings.
    It’s time for the Maldives to add this vignette to their tourist information. If they don’t, perhaps the outraged of the world will do it for them.

  33. Maldivian Man on Thu, 28th Feb 2013 5:03 AM 

    @Uh Dho

    Your drones should reduce the Maldivian judiciary buildings, the presidential residence and the army bases to rubble.

    Or even better; give me the data for those drones so I can produce even more lethal and precise weapons.

  34. Maldivian Man on Thu, 28th Feb 2013 5:05 AM 

    @Reader of the Good Book(s)

    Don’t bother. They’ll just fly more planes into random buildings as a way of ‘defending’ their ‘faith’.

  35. Ben Plewright on Thu, 28th Feb 2013 6:20 AM 

    The courage of Hawwa Lubna, and of all the above commentors in speaking out against this injustice is inspirational.

    I truly pray you will be kept safe, and that the climate of fear could be oneday banished from the Maldives forever.

  36. Wives and Concubines on Thu, 28th Feb 2013 6:32 AM 

    Let’s talk about Shariah law. It was invented by arab men, who considered women sub-human. Women weren’t given too many rights until recently, but the world did and everyone moved forward. Everyone except countries which practice Islamic law.

    Women are considered sexual objects who deviate men from islam, and so, they are covered up in tents. It is impossible to prove rape, and women are and will always be punished as long as these laws exist. They are cruel, they are barbaric. They were invented by the same men who raped their female prisoners of war because they were their ‘right hand possessions’. They were invented by a man who decided to marry a 6 year old girl, and then have sex with her when she was 9. Muslims all over the world try to justify pedophilia due to this very fact, and child marriages are a common thing even now.

    No matter how much a muslim tries to justify shariah law, it will never be a fair, peaceful system of justice. It is an absolute disgrace to humanity and needs to be abolished. Oh and the rape justifying idiot who went by the name human being said 1.6 billion cannot be wrong. Actually, they can be. Just because a large number of people believe something, it does not make it true. At one point, people did believe the earth was flat too and its even mentioned in your quran. But does that make it true? Nope. So please, take your rapist ideas to afghanistan.

  37. Lisa Glastein on Thu, 28th Feb 2013 6:40 AM 

    Calling this the act of a judicial system is the ultimate contradition of terms. This shows an appalling lack of judgement, intelligence and basic human compassion. It is an absolute mockery of any concept of justice. Yet again we see an example of the so called peaceful nature of Islamic Law. It labels itself by these instances of institutionalized hypocracy! Animals treat their young more kindly. This sentence should be carried out on those who sentenced this poor child!

  38. peasant on Thu, 28th Feb 2013 7:38 AM 

    Azima Shukoor must proud herself. Devoting all her energy in the quest for “justice” for a corrupt and (ironically) child abusing “judge”; while she stands apathetically by as a child is punished for the misfortune of having boors as parents.

    A proud daughter of the nation. If this is the pathetic state of female public figures, can we really blame anyone else?

    Not even the rapist is as guilty as us “law abiding” Maldivians.

    But hey, lets just go back to mocking Velizinee’s “style of talking”, and admire the dapper soft spoken Gayoom watching with derisive glee as the alcohol drinking Nasheed is pummelled by rogues in uniform.

  39. ali rasheed on Thu, 28th Feb 2013 8:11 AM 

    Imagine a 13 year old girl being used by her parents as an income generating piece of flesh. How many men will she have sex with in a given day? Forcibly, no doubt. Would she, in all honesty, be able to identify the right culprit, unless she was keeping a record of every single act?

    It is not the failure of the courts that is in question here but rather some policeman a little too keen on his job to produce a list of cases ‘won’ on his beat.

    No doubt a majority of our judges are unfit for the job or corrupt in the extreme but if someone being prosecuted in his court for sex comes out and says she had sex what else can the judge do except sentence her? Perhaps this way she can escape the confines of her parents home.

    Not taking sides but presenting a point of view.

  40. Uh Dho on Thu, 28th Feb 2013 9:42 AM 

    None of the above comments called all Muslims in the world rapists.

    Most of the comments stated that Sharia law is a system that protects men while persecuting women for the same crimes. Many of these men are rapists and pedophiles.

  41. Muhammadh on Thu, 28th Feb 2013 10:07 AM 

    Read this and Comment

  42. ! on Thu, 28th Feb 2013 10:14 AM 

    She is now raped by the justice of Maldives.

  43. nayaa on Thu, 28th Feb 2013 10:19 AM 

    The most laughable law in 21st century, the Sharia must be put in the garbage, Those guy who believe this Sharia is something from unseen power must be the most ignorant and mentally retards who really want to uphold such backward rubbish.
    Those so called judges who convicted a small girl who have been sexually traumatized are now justifying that the girl has testified for committing a sin that is punishable under so called sharia and it was her wish to accept the sin and get punished.
    Bunch of morons believe that a god has written down such punishment when the whole purpose of god is reproduction without any limit to sustain life based on Natural selection. It is god’s impulse that psychopaths act the way they behave who molest children and have no ability to challenge the god’s wish and control this basic animal instinct.
    The girl who is under 15 years is like a small calf whose brain not matured enough to understand the result of such sexual activities but still her hormones can play a role to indulge with such activities and may have volunteered after courting like any brainless female animal would do.
    You can’t punish such innocent victim because you have some rubbish that you believe it came from your god. You have to skin that beast that was simply an animal who abused her to satisfy his god and was not in any way a human being. Also those judges are no different than the animal who has abused the child both are brainless animals.

  44. human being on Thu, 28th Feb 2013 11:56 AM 

    Me thinks most of the readers on this thread has a problem of comprehension.
    This girl was not prosecuted for RAPE, but for another bout of sex with another person. Don’t tell me 15 year old women don’t crave sex. My science teacher (He was an atheist) told me human were most sexually active this time. So going in circles about this female underage victim and blah blah doesn’t work. Fact speak for themselves. Sure there are others who shall be punished for sex and murder in related to this girl. But this one instance she was sentenced for a crime she committed with her boy-friend.

  45. julie on Thu, 28th Feb 2013 12:27 PM 

    Barbaric, cruel, unjust and medieval.
    I’m shocked, I had no idea the Maldives were so primitive. I certainly won’t be holidaying there anytime soon.

  46. kobakoba on Thu, 28th Feb 2013 12:28 PM 

    This is not right… after reading the comments, i now understand the gravity of the situation at hand.. not of the sentence passed on the minor; but on the thought stream of our community.

    The girl is 13yrs of age. her step father abused her and her own mother assisted in the abuse. the girl is 13 means she cant agree for sex either. whoever used her should be executed in a court of law. the girl should be given support to get away from her past and also build up herself..

    instead she is being sentenced!?>? WTF??? and all us useless maldivians like me and many of you have no other obligation than sitting on our fat asses and typing more abuse on articles.. when will we wake up? i for 1 have a sea separating me with capital city. we should not care about politics at a time as such that one of our sister stands abused and accused. BMW and his corrupt govt shud take responsibility. it was repeating since 2009 and though reports were made, no action was taken??? who is the island chief? he also stands accused with the abusers as much as the girl’s mom.

  47. Uh Dho on Thu, 28th Feb 2013 1:19 PM 

    human being, you are mentally challenged, probably from inbreeding just like this story describes. If I was a female in your family, I would sleep with one eye open and a knife under my bed. (and probably end up in jail for attacking one of your pedo-rapist family members)

    Maldivian law, along with laws in most countries, state that children under 18 are minors. That is a fact. She is 15 now but surely was 13 or 14 at the oldest when having sex with an adult male. But 15 is still considered a minor bye all modern societies in the east and west, even if you don’t personally agree. A male adult who has sex with a female child is a pedophile. That is also a fact. Adults are supposed to teach children what is right and wrong, not the other way around.

    It doesn’t matter what religion you look at, rapists and pedophiles always hide behind fundamentalist beliefs. The bottom line for civilized people, children cannot consent to sex with an adult.

  48. Isse on Thu, 28th Feb 2013 2:01 PM 

    What is consensual sex? I interpret consensual sex as an agreement between two adults to have sex. There is NO consensual sex with a minor. You cannot sentence a minor for a sexual act. End of story.

    The PG views it otherwise. This man is not fit for his post.

    And where is Dr Waheed who we are told had a long and successful career as a UN official working for UNICEF? What is he doing as Head of State to protect the rights of this child?

    This is outrageous.

    The Prosecutor General should resign from his position .If he doesn’t the parliament should remove him with a vote of no confidence.

    What will he do if this was his 13 or 15 year old daughter??

    And has the PG even considered the fact that this child was being used for sex by a parent figure and groomed for many years to have sex with that parent. Hw do you think a child groomed for sex from a young age views sex?

    I fear for our girl children and teenagers. now any man can groom our girls and then leave them to be punished.

  49. Audrey Stenhouse on Thu, 28th Feb 2013 8:11 PM 

    The present Government of The Maldives should resign and ask God for forgiveness

  50. Ibrahim Mohamed on Fri, 1st Mar 2013 12:53 AM 


  51. shimy on Fri, 1st Mar 2013 1:40 PM 

    I do not understand why everyone is so adamant in criticizing the Sharia law here! but this is a case of neglect by the parents and the society but if the girl wants to be punished for her own sins on her own terms then just give her the chance!why all the ranting??!!

    you really believe the west had brought justice to women!! check out their pubs and discos where every women is an object of sex craving and slavery and they do all of this for just a few bucks??? west and their globalized thinking ehh??!!

  52. human being on Fri, 1st Mar 2013 1:51 PM 

    @ UH Dho
    Lets put the rights and wrongs of this case aside. You just have your own idea of what happened based on flawed and biased news you have read from lots of sources far away from this country. I live in this country and i just happen to know why this case was blown out of all proportions by media just for political scoring. Lemme give you a line.
    Minivan is defacto MDP mouthpiece, and MDP has been calling for abolishion of our judiciary for quite some time now. The reasons they give (most of them) are truthful. There is something seriously very wrong in our judiciary. But they (MDP) needed to convince the world this point, and this particular case was just the line they need to convince the doubters using international media. So this is not about a minor, or a sharia or a rape or a murder. They do not care about any of these things. For them all they need to win the next election is the judiciary to be abolished, at whatever cost.
    (Not sure this analysis will pass the minivan thought police censors)

  53. Uh Dho on Fri, 1st Mar 2013 5:26 PM 

    human being- I live in Maldives. And I don’t care what news source you prefer. Sex with a minor is rape. Not punishing the adult because he is a man is wrong.

  54. Doc on Sat, 2nd Mar 2013 8:38 AM 

    Maldives has become MAD. Or should I say it was always mad, only that it is becoming more visible by the days passing. These people are such lowly, claiming to be literate but in fact a disgrace on the name of intellect, crime & drug abuse prone society that if you go & see them from nearby, you are going to hate the system like anything. There is no system at place. Only might is right way of living. And Maldivian men are crushing women like as if they want to make women their slaves.

  55. Jadhullah on Sat, 2nd Mar 2013 11:22 AM 

    When the psychological assessment report concluded she was a psychologically traumatized girl this verdict should not be reached. This shows how low the judges in this country understand Islamic Sharia and other relevant laws of this country.

  56. Maia on Wed, 6th Mar 2013 4:35 PM 

    Dear Commenters,
    abused child is interviewed by police in god knows what fashion without moral support from anyone and confesses to something – that’s not confession, it’s mental and possibly physical torture and pressure under which she cracked and said something. Any such ‘confession’ would not be admissible evidence of anything in any court in the West. It’s not evidence. It’s not about ‘is she a sinner’, it’s about how rubbish a justice system you’re prepared to tolerate. Justice only happens if you find out the truth. If anything a terrified child squeals under pressure counts as ‘proven truth’, you don’t have a justice system, you have an injustice system. I thought Islam took the same view.

  57. Maia on Wed, 6th Mar 2013 4:36 PM 

    NB it is important to add, i assume she ‘confessed’ something the police told her to say, due to their views of women, sexuality etc. Is not probability on the side of this argument? If Islam is concerned with justice, it has to be concerned with truth, not parrot any old lies.

  58. moz on Thu, 7th Mar 2013 8:25 PM 

    This is the problem with states instituting outdated, obsolete, stagnant laws and policies like Sharia in Islam, and other practices that goes back to the middle ages in any part of the world. I daresay it is because of this Sharia that allowed the perverted stepfather to rape the girl thinking that he can get away with it, because he feels superior than women, that he can always control them. This mentality is viral in these islands that people tolerate offenses such as this. This ignorant, stagnant religion has always shaped the attitudes of its followers like most ancient religions did, never evolving, reforming, progressing naturally for that matter. Instances like pedophilic Catholic priests, blood thirsty Sunni extremists in Pakistan, homophobic religious authorities. Stagnant religious practice has always been key to the evils in this world.

  59. moz on Thu, 7th Mar 2013 9:08 PM 

    This monstrous thing is far worse than the one in central europe, (Austria, if im not mistaken) where a father raped her own daughter and jailed her in the basement of their house. Due to the fact that not only is the stepfather/rapist doing the damage here, but also the entire justice system in Maldives are punishing the already damaged victim. This sharia law is probably the only medieval system of law that hasn’t evolved or progressed, it remains stagnant. It bred blind hatred to it adherents. And most muslims are very defensive when their fellow muslims are oppressed, like in Burma and Israel, but they become blind and mute when sunni extremists obliterate Shia villages in Pakistan and the Kurdish groups in iraq (who are also muslim- but moderate).

    These religious muslims pray for Gaza, and seek support for the oppressed in Burma, in Facebook and other social media, but when their fellow muslim are the oppressors, like in Pakistan, killing shiite families who are unable to defend themselves, they never mutter a word. They are as monstrous as the evil spirits in their quran.

  60. therese on Sun, 10th Mar 2013 12:19 PM 

    May God help them treating a young Girl like that, They should all resign and asked God for forgiveness.

  61. Yarolala on Sun, 10th Mar 2013 2:01 PM 

    The sexual abuse/rape/domestic violence statistics in the UK are almost as bad. 28 percent of women here will be beaten by their husbands.

    In autumn 1999 the results of a survey of 2000 young people in scotland and northern ireland was published (zero tolerance- attitudes survey)One in five young men think its OK to force your wife to have sex. One in six said that rape was oK if she’d slept with lots of men. One in ten said rape was OK if a man was so turned on he could not stop. One in six said that they personally might force a woman to have sex with them. One in ten said they would rape if ‘nobody would find out’. And whats more, one in three women thought that in certain circumstances is is ok for a man to force a woman to have sex.

    It is not religion that is the problem per se. Civilisation treats women disgustingly, and then religions reflect these attitudes. There are compassionate approaches and interpretations of both Christianity and Islam – eg Catharism or sufism – interestingly these versions of these religions were heavily persecuted – many cathars were thrown to the lions or burnt en mass in France, at the same time the witch hunts were taking place. The council of nicea (a load of powerful men) banned the gospels written by women and chose the ones that suited them for the current version of the Bible.

    A dispatches programme pointed out that out of every 100 rapes, 20 get as far as court, and only 6 men get convicted. Under reporting of rape is huge due to victim blaming and shaming. The british crime survey found that an incredible 34 women are raped in britain every day. Almost half of these are by a partner.
    Our culture has nothing to boast about.

    Industrial civilisation encourages clinically narcissistic attitudes where those in power treat everything around them as an object to be used and thrown away. Women the earth, animals, water, air, other people. Resulting for example in waste land, waste water, nuclear waste, fracking, waste people (the prison system is a growth economy). We must find the courage to challenge this system and instead create systems based on respectful relationship with everthing and everyone around us.

  62. S Byers on Wed, 20th Mar 2013 9:50 PM 

    TWICE Tripadvisor has censored details of this abuse of a young girl by her rapist(s) and then by the Maldives Government. Maybe if ALL tourists boycotted this GFP (God-forsaken place), that is hit the country hard in the tourist pocket, then maybe, just maybe, the Government might abandoned the abusive, anti-women, primitive concept of what they call Sharia Law. Until then I will certainly NOT be visiting that hateful country.

  63. igourmaltsev on Thu, 21st Mar 2013 10:49 PM 

    C’est terrible. Yat-il des pays ou la justice est plus pervertie que dans la Russie ?

  64. CarmenRose Brittan on Fri, 22nd Mar 2013 1:06 AM 

    I am a moderate Muslim convert who believes that NO religion can or should be taken LITERALLY, especially when its laws were written in the 6th century. Sharia law is vast & covers a heck of a lot more than sexual morality & theft. But its 6h century attitudes towards these 2 areas need to be left in the 6th century. This poor girl needs humane modern 21st century protections & until more Muslims like Ibrahim Mohammed stand up & call the sexual abuse of minors SICK (& the continued imbecilic 6th century legal treatment of sexual abuse victims), the Muslim world will continue to stagnate & be looked down upon by the nonMuslim world. Come on fellow Muslims, not everything in Islam is perfect! Religions HELP us to reach God and should NOT be treated as an end unto themselves! Human Being is a moron!

  65. CarmenRose Brittan on Fri, 22nd Mar 2013 1:11 AM 

    In the 6th century in England flogging was routine in judicial punishments. Guess what fellow Muslims? The nonMuslim world has progressed since then! It’s about time the Muslim world catches up. For nonMuslims, idiots like Human Being are always indignant when nonMuslims point out how poorly treated Muslim women are in Muslim countries b/c for the Arabian peninsula in the 6th century, Sharia law was revolutionary in improving women’s lot. So they think that it still is better! LOL! :-) )) The nonMuslim world progressed waaayyyyy past the 6th century a long time ago! Women in Muslim countries generally speaking have far fewer rights & have a far lower status than their sisters in the nonMuslim world. Idiots like Human Being need to wake up!

  66. Rose on Fri, 22nd Mar 2013 1:17 AM 

    Some Muslim men sound more and more like monsters with an undisciplined appetite for sex and don’t care where or who they get it from. This mother probably fears for her own life and had to pretend to be on his side. Her heart is hurting more than anyone of us can ever understand while being quiet and at the same time trying to maintain respect for the family. The so called Law Makers don’t even seem to know what Real Justice IS and who really committed a crime.

  67. skai on Fri, 22nd Mar 2013 1:42 AM 

    Am I surprised at all this? Not at all,because don’t forget ,in Islam/sharia laws that goes,especially when it come to women. Westerner MUST boycott visiting Maldives for good.It is your money which is funding Islam’s barbarity there to certain extent.

  68. skai on Fri, 22nd Mar 2013 2:04 AM 

    moz on Thu. I could have NOT said any better.You are 100% right.When you say ”And most muslims are very defensive when their fellow muslims are oppressed, like in Burma and Israel, but they become mute when Sunni…..They are as monstrous as the evil spirits in their quran ” .You are so right, Quran is full of hate towards non believers, Sharia laws discriminate towards muslim women.

  69. Charles Lowe on Fri, 22nd Mar 2013 6:36 AM 

    I have just written to the Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs and to our Australian Broadcasting Corporation asking for the consideration of sanctions and professional media publicity respectively about this outrage and this Maldivian state of affairs. Thank you Avaaz for letting me know.

  70. Dude on Fri, 22nd Mar 2013 7:43 AM 

    People who hate Islam over individual cases like these are really in line with neo-nazis and their brainwashed propaganda. I am disgusted by some islamophobic comments. You cannot condemn one large population of more than billion men based on cases like these.

    I completely condemn this man, and all the others who have ever harmed any child in the world, regardless of their religion, culture or race. Dividing people in such way is something Hitler did, and seeing these comments really give me a wake-up call that I’m actually living in a world that is utterly divided and filled with hate.

    Have you got any idea that your insults will not do a favor to anyone?

    This young child needs protection, not only from the corrupt system, but from the corrupt society. In its essence, Islam is one of the most beautiful things that have ever happened on this Earth, and by no coincidence has Renaissance occured in Europe; it was largely, if not completely inspired by the teachings of medieval Islamic scholars who have continued the studies of the Ancient Greeks, therefore broadening the limited knowledge of Europeans who were literally living in dark ages.

    I won’t bother and start debates about history here, but all I am saying is that no one should ever condemn a whole nation or a whole billion of people simply because of a few monstrosities that happened in a corrupt society.

    How many rape cases happen in USA? In UK? How many death penalties, drug problems and gang wars occur in the western world? If I started judging every American or Western European based on what the others from their neighborhood have done, I’d end up hating half the globe!

    So, you guys need to re-think your views, because at the moment, the way you’re treating this issue is beyond logic and beyond sanity.

    This girl needs help, and I am more than supportive of prosecuting and pushing the president to give protection to the poor girl, but not through a global campaign that has anti-islam propaganda as its main goal, thus using the poor girl as a tool to increase islamophobia even further.

  71. Pravara on Fri, 22nd Mar 2013 10:38 AM 

    I am deeply sorry for the girl.
    for being born in the society of some barbarians.

    There is similar incident, an young Indian computer teacher who went there to teach got brutally raped.
    The doctors were unable to control her bleeding.
    There is no single word on who the culprits are.

    I am not against any religion, in fact I hate religion for the crimes conduct all over the world in the name of religion.

    Those holy books teach these barbarians

    * It is a sin to feel an orgasm without a woman.

    * It is a sing to waste human sperm

    Ultimately they do not know self satisfaction methods.
    They will rape own daughters, sisters any one vulnerable.

    For humanity sake I sincerely urge those blind followers of religion and holy books.

    They were written when humans are hunting animals, when humans were not much than a animal.

    Please use your brains, make love to only the willing females.
    Do not do not torture females, one day it might destroy whole human race.

    Love and peace.
    A sincere well wisher of mankind.

  72. Nella Naivaadhoo on Fri, 22nd Mar 2013 10:46 AM 

    I pray to subatomic particles to save us from the false religions, particularly the one that was invented in 7th century.

  73. Evita on Fri, 22nd Mar 2013 12:06 PM 

    What a sick country this is, im surprised no one has done anything about this. This is a horrible crime to little children, do they not know the value of women and children in this country.

  74. Per on Fri, 22nd Mar 2013 12:13 PM 

    It is amazing that the population does not feel ashamed and even stands up in big mass protests against such atrocities. Do not just blame the national government but also the people who let such matters pass.
    I hope the stepfather gets his deserved punishment

  75. shmulik on Fri, 22nd Mar 2013 2:14 PM 

    Must stop the abuse of women and girls while our sisters and mothers of tomorrow need to punish the rapists, violent men and Hfidophilim.

  76. Aybu on Fri, 22nd Mar 2013 5:16 PM 

    You can sign this to stop then punishing her! I hope it works:

  77. Katrin Mpakirtzi on Fri, 22nd Mar 2013 5:49 PM 

    Sadism after sex rap humiliate women who are just for enjoy.then punish her because is wick and scare shame to the criminals

  78. Lukas on Fri, 22nd Mar 2013 6:06 PM 

    this is cruel and has to be stopped. law has to be adjusted right now.
    and: freedom of religion, yes of course. but for each and every one! also for this girl, and ask her, if she wants to get the lashes!
    dont make your believe the believe of other, by violence!
    and please every one, be brave enough to stand up against cruelty unfair treatment!

    good luck, people of the maldives from vienna, austria.

  79. Claudia-Susann Berg on Fri, 22nd Mar 2013 6:19 PM 

    She is a helpless child, you have to protect her and give her love, no punishment.
    Punish the human being, the man, who has done the act with a smaller child.
    He is the real culprit and did this cruel act against her will.
    Change the laws again women for the future, because women are inferiored in their strength and cannot stand upon one’s defence.
    I am deeply shocked to read about this poor child, oh my God…..also God is so sad.

  80. Janluc on Fri, 22nd Mar 2013 8:36 PM 

    This poor child will be extremely traumatised buy the events of her tragic life. She deserves help to heal NOT further harmful punishment for others abuse of her. In the very unlikely event she consented to sex with anyone, there is no doubt the person asking for sex is still abusing a severely traumatised child. She is not responsible for what has happened to her, she is a child and anyone dealing her should bear in mind the severe trauma hanging heavily over her. How very sad that she has been and is continually denied innocent love and tenderness. She should be getting long term appropriate help to begin on the pathway to healing her deep wounds.
    It’s barbaric to consider punishing her for others crimes.
    If men are brought up to behave as bullish brutes they will be bullish brutes. If they are brought up knowing their women victims will be punished instead of them, there is no incentive to behave with respect towards any woman. If their religion and courts actually promote and support such behaviour then something is very wrong indeed.
    How would anyone outside this sect be able to admire their justice system then want to promote it as fair and become part of it baffles me completely.
    I would never holiday in the Maldives or spend my money there to support such an unfair uncharitable regime that actively promotes extreme cruelty and violence especially towards both children and women.

  81. JMR on Fri, 22nd Mar 2013 8:39 PM 

    In order for anti-muslim sentiment and gross generalization to end, moderate muslims must stand up against the radical elements which are so prevelant in our world today. The perception so blatantly present which shows a disregard for human life and a religious fenaticism that condones acts of violence in the name of Jihad or religious law, must be faught by the defenders of the good within this religion. The problem often appears that governments in many predominantly muslim countries do not support free speech. Those muslims in free speech countries must speak up in support of moderation or be perceived to support what is so often transpiring in the name of the religion they love.

  82. Sev on Fri, 22nd Mar 2013 8:46 PM 

    I just knocked of Maldives from my trip list, till the gouvernment corrects this grave and shamefull Law situation.

    No encouragements for this kind of cruelty and non-sense from my part.

    May this young victim receive the psychological support and compensation she deserves for going through so much suffering in her so many days of her young life in the midst of this horrific legal abandonment and condemnation for being a victim.

    Unbeleivalble! Just plain and simply unbeleivable…

  83. Sev on Fri, 22nd Mar 2013 8:49 PM 

    Punish the rapist!
    Save the victim and probably all the many other hidden victims of this rapist.

  84. Denzil Maurice on Fri, 22nd Mar 2013 10:48 PM 

    Perhaps the people should whip the President and political elite [100 lashes each] for their total disregard for women and a justice system from the Dark Ages. The best way to get the president and political elite is to cancel you holiday plans to the Maldives. There are many other wonderful places to visit and enjoy. Like save the tiger campaign and other campaigns it is time to focus on humans and rally behind a “save women and victims of rape in Maldives” campaign.

  85. lala on Sat, 23rd Mar 2013 1:07 AM 

    Doesn’t matter what she did, where shes from or what religion she is or what religion her prosecutors are. No 15 year old deserves to be flogged.

  86. Ruth Poole on Sat, 23rd Mar 2013 1:21 AM 

    Thie has to stop

  87. Julia Thompson on Sat, 23rd Mar 2013 7:58 PM 

    Us Westerners (or any decent people, muslims included) should take a simple step: let’s boycott the Maldives as a tourist destination. I’m forwarding this article to all my family, friends and acquaintances in the US, in France, England and several other Western countries and elsewhere. I know all of them will most definitely agree with me that we have to shun this barbaric place if nothing is done to changes these sadistic laws and medieval punishment. They’ll forward it too. Let’s please all do the same, let’s not read and forget as we so often do…

  88. Deborah on Sun, 24th Mar 2013 3:45 PM 

    Religion aside, and Although she is not being flogged for being raped for years, and having her so called parents murder her baby. I doubt after all that she knows what is right or wrong, as her so called parents failed her. Therefore I doubt if she knew what consensual sex was.. Or if it was wrong outside marriage with this cowardly hiding man ( and i say man in a loose sense) as her so called parents have brought her up with the notion it’s ok! So with all that in mind, and the fact she told the police what she had done too.
    What on earth is the problem. . .?
    A minor was raped, had her baby murdered by the people she trusted, and is meant to be guided by. We are told she stated she had consensual sex but we know deep down after all she has been through … is she of sound mind on this point? But due to the law, which failed to protect her she is to be flogged for her sin?
    It’s appalling , disgusting tragedy!
    Wake up world and protect these young minors.

  89. Alexis Harris on Sun, 24th Mar 2013 10:24 PM 

    To the self-appointed “government and judiciary” of the Maldives. Have you heard about common sense? Rape is rape, rape is not consensual sex, why is she even on trial?
    And by the way, if it was consensual sex, is none of you freaking business.
    I’ll make sure everyone knows that child rape victims are tortured by your government and I will make sure no one visit your god awful country.

  90. from victim to survivor on Mon, 25th Mar 2013 9:38 AM 

    From Ann Connue –
    “Someone please explain to “human being” that a child who has been sexually abused has undergone extreme mental TRAUMA. It is established that children who are exposed to this kind of abuse do not have normal sexual behavior. She may have been promiscuous because this is what feels comfortable to her. She is a victim, and this punishment is completely out of line.”

    Reply – Gladly! It’s just that “comfortable” is not the word I would use to describe it. Please read on…

    From human being –
    “Me thinks most of the readers on this thread has a problem of comprehension. This girl was not prosecuted for RAPE, but for another bout of sex with another person. Don’t tell me 15 year old women don’t crave sex. My science teacher (He was an atheist) told me human were most sexually active this time. So going in circles about this female underage victim and blah blah doesn’t work. Fact speak for themselves. Sure there are others who shall be punished for sex and murder in related to this girl. But this one instance she was sentenced for a crime she committed with her boy-friend.”

    Reply – How old is this supposed “boy-friend”? If he is over the age of 18, it is statutory rape regardless of how consensual it supposedly was, because at age 15, she is still a child while he is an adult. Yes, it is normal for 15 year old girls to be curious about sex, even feel a craving for it, but after a girl has been sexually abused, curiosity is replaced by fear, craving is replaced by confusion. Read on…

    As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse myself, it took me close to 20 years of therapy to recover from the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder it caused. Even to this day, I still sometimes do more therapy work, as needed.

    If this girl is anything at all like most survivors, then she’s probably been so traumatized from the abuse, not to mention the murder of her newborn baby, that even if she were a full-fledged adult, I seriously doubt the validity of her confessions, because she is not of sound mind in the first place. This girl is in dire need of help and healing. If you absolutely feel she must be sentenced at all, then sentence her to therapy, not flogging!

    Those who pass judgment on her, or agree with her punishment, need to learn more about the dynamics of sexual abuse, especially childhood sexual abuse. Besides, what happened to your compassion, that you would condone such inhumane, barbaric punishments?

    Sexual abuse differs from rape. Both are equally heinous. Both are motivated by a compelling desire for total power over another person. In rape, the perpetrator desires power over another person by using sex as a weapon. In sexual abuse, however, the perpetrator desires power over another person by controlling their sexual behavior. Although force may sometimes be used, this is most effectively achieved through psychological manipulation. Because of their innocence and naivety, children are particularly easy to manipulate, and some perpetrators are driven by the desire to be the first to groom another person’s entire sexual identity, to shape it from the very beginning.

    If you grow up hearing men tell you, time and again, how it’s all your fault they can’t keep their hands off you, hearing men tell you, time and again, “Relax baby, you know you really want this too,” eventually you believe it’s true. It’s like being brainwashed. After years of being treated like a sex slave for men’s lustful pleasures, eventually you believe that’s all you are good for and behave accordingly. Sooner or later, you also learn that the more you go along with it, the less it hurts, and you become complacent, compliant.

    Like master puppeteers, abusers know precisely how to pull all your strings to get you to do exactly what they want. Consent by manipulation is not the same as consent of your own free will, but by pulling the right strings, not only can they get you to believe you consented, they can even sometimes get you to believe it was your idea!

    Sympathizing with the abuser, or Stockholm Syndrome (also called Betrayal Bonding), is actually a quite common phenomenon in sexual abuse, both among victims (which would explain why she believes she deserves her punishment), and their mothers too, who are frequently survivors of childhood sexual abuse themselves (which would also explain the inappropriate behavior of her mother). It’s also quite common for sexual abuse to be passed down through families for generations. Sons grow up to be abusers themselves, and daughters grow up to marry abusers. My own family was no exception to this trend.

    In addition, many of us also learned to compartmentalize, or dissociate, as a means of coping through the worst of it. This is a common symptom of both Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Stockholm Syndrome. If you can’t physically get away from it, and resistance is futile, what else are you gonna do to keep from going completely insane?

    Compartmentalization is the mildest form of dissociation. Dissociation is a psychological defense mechanism in which specific thoughts, emotions, or physical sensations are separated from the rest of the psyche, a perceived detachment of the mind from the emotional state or even from the body. It works like this: a small part of your mind takes all the abuse, while the rest of the mind is quarantined and remembers something different, like a dream. Then, during normal times, the rest of your mind is active, and the abused part is quarantined. Depending on the severity and duration of the abuse, alternate personalities may develop around the abused parts. This is called Dissociative Identity Disorder, the most severe form of dissociation.

    Even after you grow up, you tend to interact with other men like how you did with your abusers, because you don’t know any other way of relating to men. You were taught to have no boundaries, and this makes it very easy for other men, especially older men, to take advantage of you. After your abuser’s foundation of psychological manipulation has been built, it’s easy for any man to start building where he left off, and the manipulation continues.

    It feels like being like a deer staring into the headlights. You know the sex is racing towards you like a car. You know they’re just going to use you. But you’ve lost the ability to flee, or fight, or do anything else besides accept the inevitable. Even in marriage, I felt like another piece of me still died whenever I had sex. Even under the best, most loving of circumstances. Even after thousands of hours of therapy. Eventually I just couldn’t do it anymore, and I realized the best way for me to heal was to embrace a life of elective celibacy. This deer decided it’s best to avoid the road altogether, and I finally for the first time in my life, began to truly feel at peace.

    I’m not saying all this is what’s going on with this girl, only a qualified psychologist can make that determination. But given what I’ve personally experienced, combined with the testimonies of other survivors in my therapy groups, I would not be at all surprised. Although psychology is gridlocked in a debate over some aspects, one thing is very clear in all the research, childhood sexual abuse profoundly impacts how the growing mind develops. So have some compassion, put the whips and chains away, and get this girl, and all the other girls like her some real help!

  91. mary on Wed, 27th Mar 2013 12:56 PM 

    this is stupid and this is children abuse she is a kids what in hell give any court the right to to hit her this is children abuse in our country the courts does not hit children for a 15 year old girl to have sex is wrong but what in hell gives this court right to hit her at all house arrest is okay but she is still a kid. yes so punishment this girl that step father has abuse what the hell is wrong with you people. God will punish you for this and I will pray that he does. this is wrong very very wrong. someone need to put a stop to this.

    A 15-YEAR OLD GIRL IS TOO YOUNG TO GIVE CONSENT — that is the case in most CIVILIZED countries. What an abominable law! Shariah law should be outlawed–it is uncivilized, repugnant, and downright EVIL!

  92. michael sage on Wed, 27th Mar 2013 10:28 PM 

    I was going to stay a few days in Male / Maldives whilst in Sri Lanka next week. Certainly not now. I will be letting everyboby I come across know how this country treats it’s youth and female population.
    And they seek approval from the western world for thier barbaric rituals.
    Who can think of other animals/insects that destroy their young….spiders?
    Anybody add to the list (aside from Maldive judges)???

  93. Tom Hill on Fri, 29th Mar 2013 1:03 AM 

    Dear Human Being, (I assume you are being ironical in choosing your moniker) whatever your primitive and backward views on sexual relations surely no one deserves to be be flogged 100 hundred times no matter what their crime and least of all a 13-year old child. Whether or not this poor girl is being punished for having “consensual sex outside marriage” or simply for having being the victim of rape is immaterial for the civilised, I repeat, civilised world will look on with horror and revulsion should this sentence actually be carried out. Any system of law be it called sharia or whatever or any religion that condones and upholds such barbaric treatment of human beings is to be thoroughly despised.

  94. bob ferguson on Sat, 30th Mar 2013 6:05 AM 

    Human being as you call yourself are simply put not 1 with your beliefs in right & wrong, whether the girl grew up under this stone age law designed by so called men is immaterial.
    fact , she was underage, fact she was raped over a long period.
    FACT number of recorded convictions for the last 3 years in your land, zero.
    do you honestly expect anyone to believe that these girls admitted freely they had any form of consensual sex other than being forced into admitting that by your MALE RUN courts & police
    SHAME on you & any other creature defending this BS.
    FACT sharia law was designed by lowlife men who use stone age mentality to force others to there ways.

  95. ka on Sun, 31st Mar 2013 3:02 AM 

    OMG!What a shame for a country like Maldives!!It claims itself to be paradise. Poor girl!Poor girl to belong to a family like this. May be the mum didnt had a word but if i was her i would rather die than seeing my own child being treated like this. Shame!!!

  96. Ketsi Rustomji on Sun, 31st Mar 2013 7:21 AM 

    Would the Maldivian mullahs so imposed this barberic sentence from equally barberic law system impose the flogging if their daughter was raped?

  97. Peter den Haring B.B.A. on Sun, 31st Mar 2013 6:49 PM 


    As a Dutch journalist I read this article and all comments with ashtonishmnent. The international attention for this absurdly cruel legal practises causes extra negative feelings about the Islam and its Shari’a. For most Dutch ‘the Maldives’ sounds like Paradise on Earth. This case is doing no good to that beautiful image. Hell on Earth for girls and women, I ‘d say.

  98. Rade on Tue, 2nd Apr 2013 2:56 AM 

    I really tried hard to read all comments , but got frustrated on the half. Couldn’t read the rest. What is wrong with You people? The girl is a 14 year old child. Does it matters did she agreed to have sex with other man? Did she had any chance to fight her stepfather? Does she deserve to be punished for whatever reason any more?
    I have a daughter about her age. If someone would rape her, I would break his legs and arms, and would set him on fire with 2 gallons of gasoline , and watch.
    Her stepfather should take care of her instead of abusing her. So Islam or no Islam, here all failed in protecting a young child.Period.

  99. Betty Bimbalina on Tue, 2nd Apr 2013 7:39 AM 

    Sharia is a barbaric system of law that hurts those least able to defend themselves: women and children. To any civilized country in today’s world, it’s a relic from the stone age. Many Muslim countries still rely on this atrocity but they have not been alone. Look at Leviticus in the Old Testament to see how the Jews treated any who stepped out of line. Not pretty, but at least that was two or three thousand years ago. Most countries have come a long way since then, but not all, sadly. Some still rule with rocks, in their hands and heads.

  100. James Wistow on Tue, 2nd Apr 2013 12:55 PM 

    This is outrageous, this girl is a child.

    Under what law or moral concious is a minor ever to be punished for this and based on a religion which has persecuted women for centuries.

    Boycot the Maldives and pass this story onto your friends and family, as by going their as a tourist you will be condoning this appalling human rights abuse of women and children by men in the name of a religion which is written by them to serve them!

  101. Sylvain Piqué on Tue, 2nd Apr 2013 6:33 PM 

    “But in this one instance she was convicted for a crime she committed with her boyfriend”. I beg Your pardon, Sir? Did I get this right? A crime? Having sex is a crime? Craving for sex is a crime? Many people here defend the girl by saying she couldn’t have consented to have sex because of her age. But even if she really had consented,even if she had enjoyed it, even if she had asked for it, so what? For at the buttom of the whole discussion as to whether the girl consented or not lays the assumption, common to all religions, that sexuality is bad, that it must be combated, that especially young people who have sex should be punished etcetera. I am very
    sorry, but sexuality is life. So if you hate sexuality,it is humanity you hate, it is life you hate. And this is the perversity inherent to religion.

  102. mary riga on Wed, 3rd Apr 2013 7:44 AM 

    unbelievable! beating a girl because she was raped by her father! what a civilization!

  103. mary riga on Wed, 3rd Apr 2013 7:47 AM 


  104. human being on Wed, 3rd Apr 2013 11:37 AM 

    Below here is a link to a flogging Maldives style.

    Also understand the motive of the website which is to attack Maldives tourism.

    Judge for yourself if this is cruel or barbaric. I’d call them spanking. Infintely better than being cajed like an animal with notorious felons. It maynot be the same as allowed consensul sex as in western countries. But each country has its own set of values to judge. so in our case fornication is not allowed and we will spank. @ West. Please don’t impose your values on us. For the west minarets is an issue. Muslim women doning a veil is an issue. But for christian nuns its not an issue. So the west has their values and we have our values. Please respect our values if you claim to be just or democratic.

  105. Human Being too on Thu, 4th Apr 2013 9:25 PM 

    This case is the first I’ve read in a long time that has actually made me weep. Whether or not this girl consented to sex is irrelevant – except apparently to the barbaric Sharia court, hence the hundred lashes. And please Human Being don’t say that it’s ok because it’s “flogging, Maldives style” – don’t you think that the victim in this case has been through enough, without public humiliation being thrown in to boot?

    What this insane law doesn’t seem to do is to consider things from her point of view. After years of sexual abuse from her stepfather and tacit agreement from her mother, do please tell me how she’s supposed to know how to act with another man, who’s almost certainly taken advantage of her anyway, and got away with it too it seems.

    For you to defend this kind of “justice”, you may as well just come out with it and say that women (and girls) are to blame for everything – keeps it nice and simple doesn’t it? And if “Annual judicial statistics report show that in past three years, zero cases of rape have reached a positive verdict.”, this just goes to show that that’s pretty much what underlies this disgusting system of abuse.

  106. human being on Thu, 4th Apr 2013 10:55 PM 

    @ human being too
    The style of punishment differs from culture to culture and country to country. Why is keeping innocent muslims in Guantanamo bay and denying them justice somehow not barbaric?
    Why is it ok when done in Singapore and not ok when done in a muslim country? Don’t give the impression of being a racist.

  107. human being on Thu, 4th Apr 2013 10:59 PM 

    @ human being too.
    forgot to attach the link of flogging in Singapore.
    Please try to cry if you can. But this shall not be barbaric because this is done in an advanced non-muslim country. ok?


  108. Decent human being on Fri, 5th Apr 2013 9:18 PM 

    What is happening to this child is barbaric and inhumane. This should not happen to any child anywhere. Everyone who considers themselves decent human beings should boycott the Maldives as a holiday destination until they change the law to protect women and children.

  109. Potato for peace on Sat, 6th Apr 2013 12:56 PM 

    Being a Singaporean myself, it is true that Singapore does practice caning/flogging or whatever you call it but they do not do that to rape victims! Going through something as scarring as rape and still having to be publically humiliated by gwtting flogged is inhumane, its cruel and unacceptable so pleaee dont try to defend it.

    I know that flogging is part of their culture but culture changes, women are no longer seen as lesser than men. Theres sex equality now so shouldnt they change their traditions to be this way too?

    Just like how slavery was abolished and now african americans are no longer slaves but equals, they should change their ways to treat women as equals too. It shouldnt be hard, these women are not of a different race, culture or religion as them. They are their own people so shouldnt the laws cover them too.

    Just think about it, she’s 15 and she was raped, she wouldn’t she see herself like how she used to. She would think that shes been used. So if someone lies to her and says they love her just to have sex with her is it considered ‘consensual’?

    Its not fair, shes young and she doesnt know what to think. She was used and her being punished for being manipulated is not fair.

    If you truly are a human being then you should feel something for the poor girl. Dont say youre a human when you think punishing a child who was raped is right. Dont think of it as in the eyes of the law but through your own eyes as a living, breathing, feeling human being.

    This world is unfair but just because it is doesnt mean we human think its fair. If we want it to be fair it starts with us.

    I just want to know if you truly think that this 15 year old is wrong, @human being. Nothing else.

  110. Chockseenoa on Sat, 6th Apr 2013 4:09 PM 

    Now to have sexual desires fulfilled by one’s own choice is basic human right. The reason for working hard so hard is to achieve happiness. We are trying hard to acquire wealth, fame, recognition, good looks and rest of the works is for the sole purpose of impressing upon the opposite sex. What ever route you take, that is the ultimate aim. One should never be penalized in his/her pursuit of happiness in this regard, provided that it does not infringe on someone else’s basic human right.

  111. Nicole Hebrard on Sat, 6th Apr 2013 9:58 PM 

    The humanity have a long way to percourse, a lot of work to accomplish before reaching justice and comprehension to the other!!!!
    Doubt is a good way to analyse is own convictions; gooing deep inside is heart and spirit.

  112. Nicole Hebrard on Sat, 6th Apr 2013 10:01 PM 

    My language is french: so my english can be difficult to be understand?
    I want to write “his” heart instead of is heart. OK?

  113. Ian Allan on Thu, 11th Apr 2013 7:45 PM 

    I may have read this wrong, but both men and women can be punished with 100 lashes for having pre-marital sex!! Surely nobody would punish a girl if she has been raped!! Not only would that be INHUMANE, CRUEL,EVIL AND BARBARIC, IT IS TOTALLY STUPID!!! YOU CANNOT TREAT GIRLS OR WOMEN LIKE THAT!! THAT CANNOT BE PART OF ANY RELIGION – THAT IS JUST SICK AND PERVERTED!!

  114. Sarah Hobson on Sat, 13th Apr 2013 3:19 PM 

    I’ve been to the Maldives several times for the scuba-diving with my husband. We’re meant to be going this July for 2 weeks, but I’m backing out because of what has happened to this girl, and is presumably happening to many other Maldivian women. Although I love the marine life in the Maldives I’ve always felt a little uncomfortable about the male staff on the island. They don’t understand a woman might want a drink on her own in the bar, or why she would want to go to the gym or go running. And of course most of the staff are men, because guess what, women don’t really have a right to inhabit this planet do they, and should be shut away. So I’m not going to the Maldives this year to enjoy paradise while girls are raped around me. I’m starting to find men more and more ridiculous in the way that their gender gives them a totally inappropriate sense of entitlement which makes them arrogant and delusional. They’re like spoilt children brought up with a silver spoon in their mouths who cry when someone would dare suggest they shouldn’t rape and torture a woman or child. However, behaving as they do, they can’t possibly create a healthy and functioning society. A lot of them aren’t fit for purpose. I would like to bomb them off the face of the earth and create my own society which doesn’t involve being completely delusional about what you are entitled to, raping children, raping your partner, physical torture, lying, thinking you’re better than you are and believing in weird entities that don’t exist. Bring it on.

  115. Isreala on Thu, 6th Jun 2013 1:58 AM 

    Please i am weeping even though i don’t believe d article but pls let somebody tell me this is not true.God forbid! Are there brains like that in human skulls on planet earth? Pls i am jst sick right now!

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